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Spoilers & Speculation

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So, here are the (current) upcoming titles for the first four episodes:


 Episode 2.01 - I'll Never Give Up Hope
 Episode 2.02 - This Year Will Be Different
Episode 2.03 - You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know
 Episode 2.04 - Since When Do You Speak Japanese?

So, it sounds like nobody will know who Hope is for a while, if judging from the third episode title. It does sound like she does return from Malivore, but with nobody knowing who she is. Which makes perfect sense.

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Chris Wood teases Kai's relationship with the Saltzman twins

What I like from this interview is that Chris heavily implies that Kai will not be dying in next week's episode, and that he can potentially return for future seasons. That excites me a lot. I didn't think Kai would end up dying, but there was always the fear, if Chris didn't want to return...but Chris seems to genuinely love the universe. These interviews, and his social media posts, make it clear that he'd gladly come back.


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