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S4 Spoiler Free Speculation: Chicken Little Worries too Much

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Here is the place to discuss what you think may or may not happen during the course of S4. This is a spoiler free thread so please take any spoilers to the spoiler speculation thread.


Thank you

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There's been a lot of speculation in the past couple of episode threads about if a Mason dies, which one will it be?

My current guess is Hal. I'm imagining Hal and Ben get into one of those not-so-brotherly punching matches over Maggie, she steps in to break it up, and then she accidentally knocks Hal into eternity with her newly acquired super strength.

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This is more S5 spoiler free speculation, but I didn't see a thread for that....


I came across this headline about the Syfy Channel making a six-hour miniseries of Arthur C. Clarke's book, Childhood's End, and couldn't help wondering if next season's Falling Skies was going to take any 'inspiration' from that book - like maybe the Volm become the 'benevolent' Overlords.  I never read the Clarke book, but read the book descriptions below:

Clarke published Childhood’s End in 1953, and the ambitious novel tells the story of alien Overlords who come to rule the Earth and end all war, but everything is not exactly as it seems. Their arrival sets off a whole new series of events that could eventually cost us the planet we call home.

Syfy picks up Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End as six-hour miniseries


Also, Clarke's Overlords resemble large bipeds with leathery wings, horns and tails, and, after their arrival, human children evolve and start to display telekinetic powers.


Here's the Syfy Channel press release:

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