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[FIXED] Theme Issues


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Since the launch of the new site on Thursday, I've seen a couple of theme issues - when clicking around the site, my theme has switched itself from Light: Medium to Light: X-tra Large on its own several times - it doesn't actually change the selection in the theme dropdown, but I click into a thread and everything is HUGE. I then have to switch myself to any other theme, and back to Light: Medium and it restores itself. I'm in Safari v 12.0.2. Additionally, I've had the theme not render fully and I've needed to close the tab and reopen the site. Since it's new with the new version, figured you'd want to know!

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I was just about to create a topic for this. The site-on my phone and on my pc were fine about two hours ago. Then this happened. As well as half my shows disappearing into the reindexing ether.

Safari 12.04 on my iPhone, Internet explorer AND Chrome on my PC.

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This should be ok now. This behaviour was a result of you happening to catch Dave in mid-updating the themes live vs closing the forum to do it. Also, the cache was wonky today so the weird effects lasted longer than they should have. 

There won't be any more 'live' updates so this shouldn't happen again. Let me know if you see any other weirdness.


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