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[RESOLVED] Old bug still there? Threads getting marked as read inappropriately


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I reported a bug a few months ago and I can't find it now (did some old stuff get archived?).  The conclusion was wait till the upgrade.  But I see it's still happening now.  Example:  I went to the Jeopardy forum for the first time since the hiatus.  There were two topics with unread posts.  I clicked on one of them & read the posts.  Then I used backspace to go back to the show forum and the other (previously unread) topic was no longer bold.  When I went into it, the very last post was flagged with the yellow bar indicating it's the most recent unread post, while actually there were several that I hadn't viewed yet.

I realize this probably isn't a high priority at the moment but just wanted to report back on the status.

This was on Win7, latest Firefox.  Haven't noticed on any other platforms at this point.

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Just an FYI, but this happens (and is still happening) in the Keeping Up With the Kardashians thread. I reported it a couple of times, but it was never addressed, & I just got used to it & work around it now.

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Thanks for your patience with this.

We suspected it could be related to what was happening with de-indexing, (never know until you do) and now that seems to be working fine, has this problem gone away?

If not and you're absolutely sure a topic/forum/area got marked as read without you having read it, pass on the URL please.

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