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Spoilers and Speculation

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So after reading a couple of reviews I am getting a bit nervous that the kids aren't going to make it.  Most of the reviewers seem to like the way the series ends, but they call it very fitting for the characters, which makes me nervous LOL!  Alan Sepinwall wrote, "Though the show is mostly rooting for Jimmy and Gretchen to get over themselves and make it work, it also doesn’t run from the idea that neither can be their best so long as they’re with the other."  While, I'm not sure that I wholly agree with that, an argument could probably be made for it.  I kind of think that they would just drag any other partner down to their level, and I"m not sure that any other partner who would put up with them would be much of a step up from what they have now.  (Despite his terrible actions after the proposal, I still think that Jimmy has it together much more than Gretchen.)  But having an ending that "fits" them could probably go either way.

Anyway, I think that I will be bitterly disappointed if they don't get a reasonably happy ending, albeit on on their dysfunctional terms.  Is there any final breakup scenario that would make you happy or at least satisfied?

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I can't see a way they break up, but I could see Gretchen's depression getting the best of her and her running. Or I could see her committing suicide. 

Or I guess I could see Jimmy going back to England for his career, but I couldn't see Gretchen not going. But if it doesn't end happy, I'm betting it's because Gretchen either runs, ODs or kills herself. 

I desperately, desperately hope I'm wrong. 

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An unhappy ending would be true to the show.  They've studiously avoided sentimental moments or if they had them, they'd immediately undermine them.

It's hard to see either of them, or for that matter Edgar and Lindsay, having any real breakthroughs or movement towards some semblance of normalcy without a lot of therapy, with each of them buying into it.

Unless Falk doesn't believe in therapy or something.

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