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Product Placement in Movies

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This scene from Wayne's World will never not be awesome:

Some of my favorite examples of product placement:

1.) The lead of Frequency advising his best friend as a kid to invest in Yahoo. Which, I mean, it was hot back in 2000, but now it's pretty much on the way out with the likes of AOL and the like.

2.) Buffy's Nike sneakers during her training montage in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

3.) The frequent love for Pepsi in the Back To the Future movies, as well as the awesome Pizza Hut scene in the second one. I also liked how they slipped in Wells Fargo in the third and final movie.

4.) Google Earth in Lion. I mean, it was based on a true story and I'm sure Google liked the advertising it got. You usually don't see Google in movies as much- Bing or a generic search engine tend to be used instead.

5.) Reese's Pieces in ET.

6.) Keds in Dirty Dancing. That movie led to a big resurgence of Keds, apparently.

7.) Taco Bell in Demolition Man, where every restaurant is a Taco Bell in 2032. LOL.

8.) Target in Career Opportunities.

9.) Tiffany's in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

10.) Sky Zone in Bad Mom's Christmas.

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The entirety of Josie and the Pussycats. Wall to wall constant exposure in almost every scene. It wasn't the usual product placement -- they didn't get paid and it was for satirical purposes -- but it still counts because we the audience were exposed to at least 73 different brands.

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Off the top of my head, the Back to the Future series namedropped/placed these brands:


-Burger King

-Bank of America

-Wells Fargo (I'm kind of surprised Bank of America wasn't pissed at the product placement but I guess it was okay because Wells Fargo took the form of a stage coach)

-Ross Dress for Less



-Calvin Klein

-Pizza Hut


-Converse (I guess they could get away with it because Nike didn't exist in the 50's while Converse did?)



-Rolls Royce


-Mr. Coffee in the form of Mr. Fusion

-Maxwell House

-California Raisin Brand




And many, many more.

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