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Season 4 General/Episode Discussion

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I started watching Season 4 this morning. As a pregnancy loss mom, I've been impressed with how Mercy's death has been portrayed. Adrian is going through a very typical grief process, and Everyone else's reactions are on point-from Ben wanting out of the relationship because he can't deal with Adrian's grief, to the adults expecting her to move on and not sure what to say, to her friends going on with barely a hiccup, to Adrian wanting another baby. That drive to have a baby in your arms is very, very strong. Most TV shows that go to the convenient miscarriage/stillbirth route don't really show the grief response past a very special episode.

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I wish Ricky's being valedictorian had been presented as his classmates/faculty voting him an honor instead of the highest GPA. I just can't buy Ricky's GPA being higher than, say, Lauren's brother. Ricky having a high SAT, I can believe-he's smart, and the SAT is not entirely prior knowledge. But given what the guy has been through in the last few years alone, the idea that he would never have just plain spaced out on an assignment or test, or that he would have been doing the weighted grades/classes needed to have the highest GPA while working a lot of hours, being a dad to John, living independently, and dealing with a newly sober and released from prison bio-mom just seems unlikely. Heck, just graduating on time is a major accomplishment.

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I came on here to express exactly that. WTH, Ricky as valedictorian? That would take a LOT Of work and he would not even be remotely "surprised" by that development. Heck i was a very smart, very well adjusted kid and took a ton of AP classes and still was not valedictorian because I got (If I recall) ONE "B" in Calculus. (My school did not weight GPAs at the time, which was too bad because I had taken like 8 AP courses).


Would have made a LOT more sense if he had been voted/nominated to make a speach for some other reason (like Jack was asked to lead a prayer). Oh, that too, can they actually have a prayer at a public school graduation? I don't recall whether we had some non denominational prayer or moment of silence at mine. Perhaps that is okay because it is "student lead"?


Anyway I also came on here to vent that Leo Boykevitch is an asshole. Betty was never anything but sweet and kind to him and he was supposedly so in love, then within a year or 2 he's fallen out of love, "made a mistake", blah blah. What a horrible example to set for his kid. And that he gets off the hook with that "oh that's cool, I'll just take some money and go back to school!" line from Betty is even more ridiculous. Like THAT has ever happened in the history of ever. Why coudn't they have her at least be genuinely devastated at his sudden change of heart? Am I supposed to be happy because they invented this sudden 25 yr unrequited love affair on the part of his secretary? PUHLEEZE. The adults on this show are worse than the kids. Why does NOBODY have a healthy, functional relationship? (except maybe Ricky's foster parents).

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