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Season 1 General/Episode Discussion

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So, I got bored at watched some of season one last night. I forgot there was a time where Amy was actually tolerable and that I felt sorry for her that Ben creeped all over her. And Ben is waaaaaaaaay more creepy and desperate than I remembered. He sees her in the hall once, when she's too distracted to pay him attention and that's enough for him to imprint on her and change his schedule?

Mind you,this is the absolute BEST season by far, before every character except Ricky got ruined and unlikable.

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Ugh,the mid-season finale with the failed wedding is the beginning of Bitchface Amy we all loved to hate. It opens up with her whining about being tired and asks Anne to make breakfast. Anne says she too is tired and tells Amy she's gonna have to work to care for the baby a thought that had never crossed her mind until that point.

And...this is where the sympathy I once had begins to pack a suitcase to take a one way trip to Nopeville: Anne mentions that she's going back to work now that she and George were getting divorced. You know, so that they won't all be reliant on George's income to pay for housing and food.

The next scene is Amy whining to Ben about Anne going back to work "at the worst time ever." That is a direct quote from that ungrateful little tart. How dare Mom work to pay the mortgage for the house that she will share and raise her kid in! How will Amy ever do marching band now?

At that point, I turned off the screen to my phone,because I need that for work. Just...ugh.

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It really did seem like Amy was unaware, or unwilling to do the things she would need to do to raise her son. She was always wanting to do the things that the other students in her school were doing, but there's one problem: they don't have kids! Once you have kids, your priorities change and they come first. That Amy didn't seem to realize that when having the baby really made her unlikable.

Ben clung to Amy too much, and too fast as well. But in general, he stuck me as someone who you'd want as your friend if you needed someone to help you if you were in trouble. 

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