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S28: Sarah Lacina: Brawn

David T. Cole
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Sarah is my dark horse at the moment. She's got a crossroads coming up and honestly I think her best bet is to aim to be Brains number 4. She beat all of them in one difficult puzzle, has been shown to do well at puzzles in general and I think by day 36 or so will be in a better spot physically than Spencer (her only real physical threat in the game). If she stays out of everyone else's way and makes a good bond with them she may actually win this. 

Aside of her really wide blind spot to fellow cops I really like her. She seems pretty tough, focused on puzzles and pretty bright (again, with the exception of her blind spot). And she hits a little amusement bone with her wanting to bring the bible for entertainment purposes. 

I do feel a little pity for her when she sees how hard Tony pulled her chain on something that clearly means a great deal to her. I suspect it may take a little of the naivete off her eyes. But I also suspect it'll sting as it's often the case when the shine gets taken off of something like this and that sucks.  

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I like Sarah! I'm generally partial to cops, but between her and Tony my partiality only extends to her. 

I'm not sure whether I just like Sarah in the "Off the island, I wouldn't want to kill her!" way, or in the "I think Sarah is a good player and/or has a good chance to win (to which I wouldn't object)" sort of way. 

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Wow. Who was that unpleasant person this week, and where did she come from? Is there like some kind of entitled bitch vacuum that opened up now that Lindsey's gone, and it turned Sarah evil? I'm surprised both sides didn't turn on her.

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Well, she went from being my dark horse to being a flash in the pan. I'm with you CletusMusashi - who was that. The woman giving the exit interview, the one that was good natured? Where was she during the game? 

I sometimes wonder if people even bother to watch this game before showing up to play. How can you possibly not know that being the split vote is not something to brag about and is best handled by making a quick decisive action so you at least give both sides a feeling that you were never a split vote to begin with? 

This was painful to watch after really liking her, then feeling embarrassed for her (being so easily manipulated by Tony), then having that empathy/pity mixture to just outright dislike and revulsion. Wow, my head is spinning. 

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