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Anime & Toons: What Are You Watching?

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Interesting AMV, although I have a lot of catching up to do before I can recognize some of the shows there. Amusing that it's so heavy on action shows, but includes K-On! 

I know they can't include everything, but some rather essential shows or franchises weren't there. Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Black Butler, or Gundam for example.

As a side note, it still tickles me that I can recognize that an unfamiliar show is produced by Studio Shaft just from the look of it.

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I got HBO Max, and they got anime. What do you guys recommend for binging? I think that I've seen most of the stuff that was been on Adult Swim and Toonami.

I'm still watching Death Battle. Here's the latest: Curly Brow vs. Bushy Brow. The season finale will pit Broly against the Hulk. Should be interesting.


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Bumping up. Has anyone reading this post ever been a fan of Green Lantern: The Animated Series? Well, Razer just got folded into Young Justice. Here is CBR's recap in case you don't have HBO Max. I was pleasantly surprised that the ending of GLTAS was worked into the current plot on Young Justice. Maybe we can get Aya back as well.

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NFL released their schedule for 2022-23 last night. It’s become traditional for each team to put out shorts for their schedules. This year, the Los Angeles Chargers decided to go anime, and I think that was awesome.

*sigh* I can’t embed the link to play here, but it’s still must-see. I don’t think they went too deep for references . . . One PieceFood Wars!Attack on TitanAvatar . . . and I think maybe Naruto and Beastars.

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Trailers for the final Bleach arc . . .

. . . and the new Trigun series coming out next year.

So many nerdgasms in social media. So. many. Also, brave choice to change Vash's hairstyle.

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