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Billions and Billions: The Series as a Whole

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As we prepare for Season 4 of Billions, let's look back on the series as a whole.  What did you like?  What do you wish was different? Where do you see it going?  If you had to do it all again, would you? Could you? Memories . . . . 

Wax poetic here, or, if you prefer, bloviate like Axe or Chuck on a scotch-fueled, self-righteous tirade. 

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I enjoy it because the performances are great.

Also enjoyed the dialogue and references they dropped in for the most part but when you compare it to Succession, you see that Billions overcooks those lines with references they give their characters.

The plotting is meh.  I didn't like how they had to pull back Axe from the brink of all the legal jeopardy, just so they can keep Axe and Chuck the main foils.

I look forward to new seasons but I'm wary about the eye-rolling quotient increasing over time, just as happened with Homeland.

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I just finished watching all 3 season straight through.  And pretty much loved & despised most of them in turn. 

Wendy had hands-down, one of the best wardrobes of any professional woman I've seen on TV in ages.  Everything so classy, yet a tiny bit sexy (I'm not including her Dominatrix wear).  She always looked fantastic.  

And no writer or director can ever make Malin Ackerman a badass.  It just never happened.  Now Maggie Siff as Tara and Katey Sagal as Gemma in "Sons of Anarchy" pretty much wrote the book on badass.  Maggie just nailed it in this show too.  Jackie in "Nurse Jackie" and Abby in "Ray Donovan" were convincing as badass, poor-girls-make-good.  But sorry, Malin just fell way short.  She's not even needed anymore.

I like Taylor a lot, but I think she's another case of "Don't believe your own press" and came off a bit cocky in the end.  She does have a Russian mobster as a client, but that could be more bad than good.  

I'm looking forward to Season 4 and finding out what the 3 amigos have planned.  That last shot with Chuck, Axe and Wendy drinking wine and plotting was great. 

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