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Ranking Season 13 EPs

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My rankings:

1) The Gang Makes Paddy's Great Again - easily the best of the season for me 9/10

2) Time's Up for the Gang - classic Sunny 8.5/10

3) The Gang Wins the Big Game - loved their explanation for TB's performance. Plus some of my favorite side characters 8/10

4) The Gang Does a Clip Show - really liked their clever spin/trashing of the clip show premise 7/10

5) The Gang Escapes - always love when they mess with Sweet Dee. Would have enjoyed a little more exploration of Dennis' victim sex room. 6.5/10

6) The Gang Gets New Wheels - had promise but the gang hijinks felt a bit too cliche to me

7) The Gang Solves the Bathroom Problem - meh

8) Mac Finds His Pride - as Frank said, "I don't get it" (also I really am not a fan of interpretive dancing) Unless it's just something that Rob really wanted to try, and with Glenn gone for half the season then what better time. Assuming that's the case, I have no problem with them trying something different once in a while. (In fact I like that they do.)

9) The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot - not a fan of the original either (and I realize I may be the only Sunny fan who isn't.)

10) Charlie's Home Alone - hard to believe that a Charlie-centered EP is my least favorite! Just didn't connect with me at all. (But at least after seeing The Big Game I understood the purpose.)

All just my personal opinion of course.

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I find it difficult to rank any of them. Several felt just felt incomplete or forgettable. It's easier for me to pair them.

Clip Show and Makes Paddy's Great Again were my top two. Both had some real creativity and kept it going to the end.

Escapes and Bathroom Problem were solid to me. Formulaic but in a good way. Both were very true to character but also added to them. New Wheels was a notch below - relying on formula but not really delivering.

Time's Up and Ladies Reboot were both hitting the same joke heavily: that none of them are self-aware enough to be ashamed of their sexism. Fine individually but repetitive together.

Home Alone and Big Game go together narratively but suffered from having to be split. The Charlie parts were stretched out too much and everyone else could have used more time. Also I didn't watch the Super Bowl this year so any work they did to match the story with actual events was wasted on me. However I appreciate the epicness of what they went for.

Mac Finds His Pride wasn't an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I don't know what it was so I can't judge it at all. That doesn't make it bad, it just makes it something else.

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I just wasn't a huge fan of any of them.  Probably the weakest season in a long time, maybe ever

But I did like The Gang Wins the Big Game.  Favorite of the season

Most of the others were just OK, nothing memorable

Then Mac Finds His Pride.......My least favorite probably of the whole series, though the musical one is a close second.  Like a completely different show. 

Mostly because it just wasn't funny and while that last dance was technically great, just doesn't fit in with the show at all. 

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