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  1. My rankings: 1) The Gang Makes Paddy's Great Again - easily the best of the season for me 9/10 2) Time's Up for the Gang - classic Sunny 8.5/10 3) The Gang Wins the Big Game - loved their explanation for TB's performance. Plus some of my favorite side characters 8/10 4) The Gang Does a Clip Show - really liked their clever spin/trashing of the clip show premise 7/10 5) The Gang Escapes - always love when they mess with Sweet Dee. Would have enjoyed a little more exploration of Dennis' victim sex room. 6.5/10 6) The Gang Gets New Wheels - had promise but the gang hijinks felt a bit too cliche to me 7) The Gang Solves the Bathroom Problem - meh 8) Mac Finds His Pride - as Frank said, "I don't get it" (also I really am not a fan of interpretive dancing) Unless it's just something that Rob really wanted to try, and with Glenn gone for half the season then what better time. Assuming that's the case, I have no problem with them trying something different once in a while. (In fact I like that they do.) 9) The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot - not a fan of the original either (and I realize I may be the only Sunny fan who isn't.) 10) Charlie's Home Alone - hard to believe that a Charlie-centered EP is my least favorite! Just didn't connect with me at all. (But at least after seeing The Big Game I understood the purpose.) All just my personal opinion of course.
  2. Exactly. In Norman, it was extreme emotional trauma that caused the emergence of "Mother". Now Dylan has experienced an extreme emotional trauma, and as a result "Norman" emerges. But yeah, just a fun bit of fanfic. Not to be taken seriously. The final episode was about as damn near perfect as it gets.
  3. Oh I agree. I was just indulging in a bit of fun.
  4. So, question - do we believe Norman is really dead? By that I mean, imagine a final scene like this: The deputies carry Norman's body out of the house, followed by Dyan. He sits down on the steps. The sheriff walks up to him and says, "I'm sorry. I can't imagine having to kill your brother. Maybe it's... (pauses) Well anyway, I'm sorry." She turns and follows her deputies down to the vehicles. The camera slowly zooms in on Dylan's face. After a moment he says, softly, in a Norman-like voice, "Yes, it's too bad Dylan had to die."
  5. Do you have a source for this? It's contrary to my understanding.
  6. Except it was Harry Chapin singing "Cat's in the Cradle"
  7. To correct some erroneous information in that article: Kaitlin Olson is in fact an executive producer on The Mick, and not just an actress as the writer claims. And Glenn does NOT need NBC's permission to return to Sunny. Actors in a series are always free to do other acting jobs when not shooting. As Glenn states in this article, the decision about whether to return is not related to the NBC series. According to Glenn, “It’s very much a creative decision.”
  8. The deal was that they had to sleep with Old Black Man for one year. Time was up a few weeks ago, there was no reason to continue. Exact opposite here - I thought the more over the top, the funnier it got.
  9. Wow. Didn't Glenn say at the beginning of the season that the finale would change people's perceptions forever? Or something to that effect.
  10. The only problem with that idea is that it's been pretty well established that Sweet Dee is a TERRIBLE actress. (Unlike Kaitlin Olson who is an amazing actress.)
  11. There was also the scene of Charlie and Dennis on the phone with Cricket. I thought it was nice how they weaved parts of this into previous episodes. As for Belle, any other show she would have turned out to be the daughter of the "big client". I was curious where Sunny was going to go with it. All the clues were there in retrospect. This was a pretty good episode, considering there was so little of the gang in it. It didn't feel short to me. Water Park felt much shorter. It's a little surprising some people put Water Park at the top of their list. That one felt thin. Like a filler episode they threw together quickly to fill out the season. The Dennis part was solid but Mac and Dee's was useless, while Charlie & Frank was maybe 3 minutes total.
  12. So funny at the end when Chip and Sabrina still didn't know Alba's last name.
  13. Why is this thread pinned to the top?
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