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S04.E06: No Small Talk


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Spence brings Jayna's football son Quincy to USC. The idea is now they are going to be partners in this college football tv deal and USC is going to be the team. Quincy is talking shit like he is 45 years old and has been ripped off by 100 multilevel marketers - seriously how can a kid that young be so cynical?

Spence is prepared for this and has the kid walk into the full USC stadium and the entire crowd is chanting Quincy's name and something I cannot make out. You get the idea that they are all chanting for him in a way that all of them would probably not be for the current stars of their team. I guess the Rock got USC to provide a football games worth of fans to agree to be on the show.They even have a couple of jets write a Q in the sky!

They meet the coach and the current quarterback. Spence wants the Trojans TV rights and to build them  their own TV network. Spence is using Quincy as his bargaining chip and he is bargaining hard.

Joe is at the company talking with his second in command Jessie. Reggie comes by for a visit. He is complaining already that his investment is going down the drain and also dressed like a hip black lumberjack. He is sent by Verne to watch out for his money. Joe says everything is under control and has a new idea for them to go after these 3 young skateboarders who "have something." (yet another skateboard crew!) They are called Illegal Civilization - seriously are there any other sports in CA except skateboarding?

Meanwhile Ricky is at home with his boy making him protein shakes and arranging his "vitamins" and his Dad who has not been invited but who is good for some insult humorous discussion about his "nutsack." Trust me when I say you don't want to know anymore about that story. Dennis tries to half heartedly get Ricky to consider staying retired for his own safety but quickly jumps back into having him play again when he finds out there is somewhere he can check out the nice MILFs to be ogled in CA.

Ricky tells him "I never claimed to be the smartest, just the most committed." He then asks his boy if he has made sure Charles - the GM - is going to be around the area where Ricky will be working out. He is told yes.

Back at USC the quarterback is showing Spence and Quincy the USC facilities. (for some reason they don't want us to forget that he is the quarterback so they have him inexplicably fondling a football the whole time.) He tells Quiincy that USC is the shit and that he won't have to worry about classes etc as all the football players are taken care of. Quincy listens but always has a smart comeback to everything and honestly looks completely disinterested and unimipressed. (he did like the jets skywriting though)

Charles meanwhile calls Jason - the sports agent - who is out with his non acting girlfriend (ugly tat is covered up in this scene) in order to invite him to Charles's new pre Free Agent reception party he is throwing. This is the new "popular" Charles trying to impress his bosses (and to do what his wife suggested - and play along with the showman label his bosses want) Jason tells him to reconsider his stance on Ricky and Charles just rolls his eyes.

Quincy says to Spence that he is all about the money and looking to get paid. If USC doesn't come up with the $$ then he is going elsewhere. (I guess this guy is the greatest of all times. He again lets Spence know that he is basically dirty and is used to getting money for his time. (Is taking Quincy to USC as a sports agent somehow against the rules?) Spencer tells him he will get his in about 5 years but Quincy is having none of that.

USC coach calls Spence and says the board of Regents says no go on Quincy. And the reason why is not that Quincy is the dirtiest recruit this team has ever seen, but it is because of Spencer! They say Spence's old friend Rodney Pete is the one nixing the deal. Spence hangs up - and I kid you not - pulls out a bottle of pills and dry swallows about six of them right there on the spot. Would you have me believe that he just carries them around with him at all times?

Quincy has flown the coop and is investigating the campus by himself. He runs into the girl who put together the highlight reel for his welcome party. She is just cute enough - without being drop dead gorgeous or fake - for Quincy to fall for her immediatly. She is named Emma and suddenly Quincy has all day to hang out with her.

Ricky is working out - in the rain and it never rains in southern California! We are supposed to think that he is now back to super star status even though he basically looks the same as his original tryout for Charles except this time he catches two passes instead of dropping them. As luck would have it Charles is driving by and sees exactly one Ricky catch and is immediately impressed. He invites Ricky to the pre free Agent party that night.

Joe and Reggie meet the skateboarders - there are 3 of them - at some sort of outdoor mall like area where the guys are skating and grinding on every surface imaginable. There are even other people skating and there is no way possible that they would be allowed to do this in public. (also there are annoying camera angles which are shot from under the skateboards and are about as uninteresting and amateurish as they come.

Joe makes a fool of himself again talking with some sort of "Dad trying to get into a college party" vibe. Illegal Civilization - the skating crew - is comprised of 3 young guys. One skinny white guy, one black guy with a small afro and one south asian looking guy who is bald  and seriously looks like he could be in his mid 30s and is wearing a cardigan sweater over a pink and yellow shirt. Ridiculous!

They tell Joe and Reggie that if they want to impress them to buy them all food from a fancy wing joint - called Roscos. It is in the middle of the day say about 12 noon. By the time Joe and Reggie return with the food it looks to be around 10pm! Where did they go to get the food - Nevada?! They have the nerve to look surprised when the kids are not there. As a matter of fact no one is there because the whole plaza should be closed  but it is an excuse to film the fountain where they agreed to meet the skateboarders in its glory with colored lights. Joe and Reggie bond over chicken wings and plot their next move.

Spence barges into Rodney's office talking shit about how the school all but pushed his dead brother off of the train tracks - his suicide. Rodney says that this was the only way he could get Spencer to meet with him. Rodney unconvincingly tells him that it wasn't USC's fault his brother lost his elligibility it was the NCAA's fault. Spence tells him his brother was depressed he wasn't an addict and the whole system is a sick joke with kids lives being used up. Rodney tells him he was wrong and that his bro was "eating pills like gummy bears." He then tells Spence that the deal is for 10 years and $200 million dollars. Spence tells him to go fuck himself. (the rent is to damn high!)

At Charles's free agent party the actor playing Charles spends the whole time grabbing napkins and dabbing sweat from his brow. Seriously, if this dude was in a mystery movie acting like that in the final scene the cops would just walk up and arrest him he looks so uncomfortable. Everyone shows up so it is a success and should impress his bosses. 

Spencer magically finds Quincy with Emma at a student premiere - on USC's  huge campus . Also it is again at least 10 pm and Quincy left the Regent's office during the day. What the hell was he doing the last 5 or so hours? Quincy is suddenly all smiles around Emma - and he also is onboard with going to USC and makes it sound like it has been his dream. We are to believe that this superstar is totally whipped by the first cute college girl he meets -   It doesn't ring true to his character. There is one funny moment when Spencer walks into the theater leaving the door open letting in the lights from the lobby  and some neckbeard tells him to close the door as he is letting in light. No way in hell some freshman tells a man who looks like the Rock to do anything.

Spence tells Quincy to get going and Quincy is not happy as Spencer is "killing his vibe". Spencer says too bad there is no deal because USC wanted too much money.  Quincy says too bad for spence because he is going to USC and they already have a deal and now Spence  will have to get him into USC -fadeout ... cut to cool rap song by an artist I don't know. 

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Good recaps!

Another website says the song is "All of a Sudden." I thought some of it sounded familiar...found out that the artist Lil Baby is from the Atlanta area where Childish Gambino and Migos are from...and their influence seems far reaching.

I thought Quincy wanting to go to USC because of Emma rang a little false too. This is a California boy they've set up as a football prodigy. He drives a $150k car. I have a hard time believing the character they set up as being jaded and payday driven is going to change his plans because he spent a few hours with the beautiful and amazing Emma. 

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