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S01. E01: City of Angels

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The Good; Impressive opening scenes, funny yet moving. Love Angel choosing the wrong car and very surprising that he doesn't save the girl, at least not the guest star (they use the same time difference trick as they did in Helpless to convince you he will). Especially loved him killing Winters at the end, real vicious stick it in and break it off revenge, great stunt, great effect. Cordy realising that Winter's is a vamp and him initially denying it is also fun.

The Bad; If Winters had all this security at his house how can Angel just walk into his office?

Best line: Angel; "Can you fly?"

Jeez, how did they get away with that? Winters killing the heroine is very brutal. Also the whole sugar-daddy/casting couch scenario shows the stark reality behind the Hollywood glamour (especially interesting in light of the Weinstein scandal, beautiful girls trading their favours for fame then coming to regret it later) .

Apocalypses: 4

Angel Clichés Damsel in distress; 1

Inverting the Hollywood cliché; Doyle rams the gates of the Winter's mansion but they seem surprisingly resilient. Also Angel fails to save the girl.

In disguise; Angel does his rube in the big city act for the first time

DB get's his shirt off; in order to allow Doyle and Cordy to remove the bullets. Yeah, right!

Fang Gang in bondage: no but he knocks out and ties up the guard at the mansion Cordy: 5 Angel: 4 

Fang gang knocked out: no but Angel knocks out about 4 guys Cordy: 6 Angel: 6 

Kills: Cordy: none this ep. 3 vamps, ½ a demon from her time in Sunnydale Angel: kills 4 vamps in the opening episode which is remarkable as according to Boo's figures he only killed 3 in the whole 3 seasons of Buffy. So that gives Angel 7 vamps, 1 demon, 1 human.

Fang Gang go evil: Cordy: 1 Angel: 1

Alternate Fang Gang: Cordy: 1 Angel: 3

Characters killed: 2; Tina and her missing friend Denise (offscreen)

Total number of Angel Investigations: 3, Angel, Doyle and Cordy

Angel Investigations shot: Angel: 4, pumped full of lead by Winter's bodyguards

Notches on Fang Gang bedpost: Cordy: 1? Angel: 1;Buffy

Kinky dinky: Tina appears to be Winter's kept woman. She describes him as 'liking pain' (his own or other peoples?). Cordy also considers him for a sugar-daddy much the same as she'll


consider doing later to David Nabbit.

Tina offers herself to Angel as a reward for saving her but like the white knight he is he gently turns her down.

Captain Subtext; Oliver at the party considers Angel a 'beautiful man' but only on a professional basis, he's currently in a long term relationship with a landscape gardener. 'Drunk' Angel also gives the appearance of hitting on the guy in the bar.

Questions and observations; Doyle drinks Colt .45 beer, the equivalent of Tennants Extra in the UK, pretty much in keeping with the down at heel nature of his character. First appearance of Lindsey, he and Angel are the only characters


who appear in both the first and last eps of the series

. Angel goes all Punisher finding his way to Winters, not hesitating to beat and threaten his way to his goal. The series already appearing much darker and more adult than Buffy. Angel's narration is similar to Angelus' in Passion and Whistler's in Becoming. It's also reminiscent of the classic noir crime fiction set in LA, could easily be the The Black Dahalia or LA Confidential or Chinatown. When I first saw this I wasn't sure if Winters was a vamp or not, the vamp makeup is subtly different but will eventually fall back into resembling that on Buffy once more. Angel was in Montanna during the depression, maybe Spike's line about vampire cowboy wasn't too far off the mark? Angel tells Cordy there's no cure for vampirism but we'll actually


find 3 in the first season alone.

 Cordy refers to Angel having never developed an investment portfolio but he must get money from somewhere, he seems very well to do. The money he and Darla stole from their victims or does he just have loads of bank accounts with 200 years of interest to collect, Highlander style? Angel shows some knowledge of explosives which he'll also


use in Dad

but according to the dialogue he's seen 14 wars and Vietnam in his time. Nice crossover when he phones Buffy in Sunnydale.

Marks out of 10; 6/10, good beginning but not compared to the heights Angel will eventually soar to.

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9 hours ago, illdoc said:


Ooops, point taken. 

14 hours ago, wendyg said:

I really hate the scene where Cordelia identifies Winter as a vampire. Given her level of experience she'd be smart enough not to let on she'd read the signs.

Give her a break, Willow didn't realise


Harmony was a vampire

and Buffy didn't realise Eddy had been sired in The Freshman. CC has been away from SD and the supernatural world for a while so her vamp detecting skills are probably rusty. 

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