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Haleigh Broucher: Hay, Ye, Hay, Ye!

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Okay, I'm still somewhat freaked by that growth on her forehead (that's not a "beauty mark", that's the alien about to burst out of John Hurt) and I'm grossly disappointed by her choice of allies (as Angie is my least favorite player this season), but she has shown a decent amount of game skill for somebody who hasn't been seriously threatened as yet.  She negotiated the safety for her group from Chris on Night #1 (being even more persuasive than his future showmance was on behalf of her group) and after the "love triangle" disaster of Week 1, she regained Kaitlyn's trust during Week 2 and took news of the pending backdoor play with a supportive face and seeming equanimity, the angst that we later saw behind the scenes aside.  Not bad for the youngest player in the game.

This week, her major problem is her punishment, and she's thrown herself into it with zest, actually following the plot and appreciating the play.  Perhaps she has an appetite for fine literature…especially since, with Have-Nots running from Sunday to Saturday this week for some reason, she was either on slop at the start of her performances, or just coming off of it.  If nothing else, she'll leave the House well-read.

The play's the thing, wherein she'll catch the conscience of the king.

(And if she doesn't win, she can always say that something was rotten in the state of California…)


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16 minutes ago, Nashville said:

To be fair - like Winston, what else did Production have to work with?  Waterworks Woman, with Hay drowning criminals with her flood of DR tears?  ;)

That would have been my pick; I'm guessing they thought it was Too Soon to go to that (neverending!) well after Big Meech.

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"One of my favorite motivational speakers, his name is Eric Thomas—"

Sheesh, Hayseed.  Don't plug the competition!

(At the very least, one hopes Mr. Thomas doesn't have that annoying music droning in the background of his videos.)

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