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Felix Unger: Urbane Legend

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The thing about Lennon is that I could see him in either role, but I smiled when I found out he was going to be Felix. Some folks can take fussy characters and make a meal of doing them just right. I think Mr. Lennon has the chops to do so.


I salute him for the yoga pose with mug of something on his crotch, as well.


I do hope that he sort of wins over some of Oscar's friends, at least for his cooking. As someone on the Pilot's thread mentioned, one of Oscar's poker buddies appreciated Felix's doting on them, so it would be nice to se a thawing from them, while Felix allows them their Oscar-time.


I do hope that with Felix retaining his photographer career in this version, that means we get the use of Oscar's Wall to show the insane shoots and his commercial shoots! It could be great fun.

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