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Preacher Season 3: Anticipation

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This is one show that I’ve been counting down the days for, so many questions still to be answered, so many new characters in the teaser clip. Im a fairly ‘anything goes’ kind of guy, but even I was slightly uncomfortable with certain aspects of last season, but I’m glad they are going places that evoke strong reactions, I can’t wait to see where they’re taking things this summer!

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2 hours ago, Superclam said:

Yes!! The Allfather!! And while I realize how this sounds- Yes!! Hitler!! 


I do sit there laughing sometimes thinking ‘should I be finding this funny’? But that’s the great thing about the show!

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I keep hoping we’ll see the resurrection of Fiore and DeBlanc, the Motel room scene still being one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on TV, it was a bad move finishing them off!

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Judging by the teaser, Herr Hitler has found himself a job in some sort of store, can’t make out the name on the bib & brace though, he sure looks different to the guy who cut off your boy Nikolaj’s hand in Thrones Lol

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I don't think she remembers...or, that's the story she's sticking to.

2 hours ago, OoohMaggie said:

 he sure looks different to the guy who cut off your boy Nikolaj’s hand in Thrones

Is it the SAME actor ?! 

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Did you get my response for Preacher, OoohMaggie??..or is it in private messaging???..still figuring this out??

And I sent you a text the other night on another thread here..there's a couple of Guys from Britain..in Sammy's Group..

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We’ve so far got 5 to 6 former amc forumites who’ve said they’d like to join in with a Preacher live watch and chat, Princesspurrsalot kindly suggested setting one up because of our interest in the show, are there any others out there who would also be interested in joining in the mayhem? 

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Sorry. They show it live in England? How does that work? 

When I do the live chats, I only chime in during the commercials. 

On 6/8/2018 at 3:12 AM, OoohMaggie said:

A small ‘behind the scenes’ clip


Pip Torrens in shorts does not compute in my little brain. 

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Just found out the season debuts next Sunday, and I feel stupid. Bright side: the insanity is still there, and we might get a loose adaptation of Cassidy's one-shot. Also: ALLFATHER!!!! Dang, I would've thought he'd be all CGI, he was that friggin' fat in the comic.

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