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Terror Laden Quotes (No tongue required!)

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Hoping everyone will join me by chiming in with their favorite Quips & Quotes of our men.  

So many quotes, so little time left! 

Off the top of my head:


Jopson: “Is there anything special you require,  Sir?”

Crozier: “More open water, clear to the Pacific, then we can go home.”

After a man goes overboard:

Collins: “Let me try!!”

Shipmate ( sorry don’t know his name):  “That seaman would not want you to risk more!”

Collins: ”Billy Orren that’s who it is!”

:( Breaks my cold icy, polar heart.

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Great idea for a thread!


Irving: Man's worst urges can be satisfied through Christian pleasures and graces--singing with friends, watercolors, study, climbing exercises..."

Hickey: Climbing, sir?


Sir James Ross: If you believe that depiction, you've dropped a stone at least since we've been back.

Crozier: And seen a dentist as well, apparently.


Sofia: I know with you, I can be plain.

Crozier: With me, you've never hesitated to be plain.


John Morfin: Have you ever...been lashed, sir?

Goodsir: No! Good Lord, Morfin. <pauses> Have you?

John Morfin: <sniff> Only once, sir.

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