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S02.E19 Go Pirates!: See No Weevil, Hear No Weevil

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Re: the sanding and sanctifying of Jackie. The podcast makes reference to an excellent example of how this was done correctly in one Mss. Cordelia Chase. She never lost her edge, even after she became a full-fledged member of The Scooby Gang.

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6 hours ago, Sarah D. Bunting said:

There's probably a separate conversation to be had re: the character on Angel but it's been so long since I watched, I'm not sure I'm qualified.

*Sniff Sniff* I smell a new Again With This ....

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How have the PCHers maintained their power base if the Fitzpatricks can just walk all over them like this (OK, they are currently leaderless)? And I hadn't considered that Thumper should have used it as leverage to save his life.

Love that, for once, it's somebody asking Veronica for a favour, without any reciprocation from her. OK, V then fixes Mac up with Butters (I don't think promising the date was that unreasonable, but she definitely should have told Mac the "price" of the favour before it was sprung on her)...

Thank you for all the info on mooning!

What forensics did they do on the ash tray? Surely the investigation would have been in Keith's hands (at least initially) and he would have looked at Lilly's wounds and seen whether it matched the ashtray or a Oscar statuette? They MUST look different!

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