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Drop The Mic: All Episode Discussion

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Should I assume nobody caught the Michael Jackson-off to kick off the season?

I was surprised by how low-key Neil Patrick Harris was. I really expected more energy. Also, the camera work left A LOT to be desired.

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I have an irrational dislike of Hailee Steinfeld so I didn't love 1 - that she was in it and 2 - that she won. I think she won because of the 4 she is probably the most well known among the circles who use Twitter regularly (and likely vote via twitter). 

Neil was wearing too much guyliner which I found distracting, but otherwise I did love his performance - especially the shoe trick (which has been thoroughly explained in various places online, but it was still pretty cool). 

Loved Taraji's song choice and the back up dancers dancing, but I think it highlighted how she is not really a dancer. 

I don't like Dirty Diana so I didn't really watch Laverne's performance. 

I was super glad nobody chose Thriller. I hate that song so much thanks to it being overplayed every Halloween. 

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