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S06.E00: My 600 LB Life: Countdown to the New Season

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Twins Kandi and Brandi move across country to get help from Dr. Nowzardan.  One sister moves forward with her weight loss plan, while a health complication leaves the other facing a life-threatening situation. 

We cannot confirm whether this is actually a new episode, an update to the twins original Season 5 episode or simply the season 5 episode being shown.  Ah, TLC, they have learned how to make it confusing to get people to re-watch their shows!

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My onscreen guide says there are "insider facts" and "bonus scenes."  So, it's the same episode...but different. I guess a 5% change in content allows them to advertise it as "new" -- kinda like how drug companies tweak a molecule in a drug ready to go generic, rename it, and mark it up 1000%. 

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2 hours ago, Giant Misfit said:

Did anyone watch this? Any updates on the sisters?


I ff'd, and maybe different scenes, but I didn't see anything new.
I want my time back, which was probably about 1/2 hour watching time.

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