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Special #Daily Lines from Diana

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Diana created this special #Daily Lines for Hanukkah by request for Outlander series Executive Producer and writer Maril Davis. Doesn't appear to come from any of the books, but the way it was written, a version might end up on the screen at some point..


So a miscellaneous thread for this and any other #Daily Lines that aren't associated with a specific novel, novella, or story.

(And linking doesn’t seem to work with this one.)


#DailyLines  #ForHannukah   #ByRequest   #ThisOnesForMaril    #AndBillShatner  #Candles  #Food  #Festivity  #Family




 Chairs were brought out, more whisky, a plate of savories appeared as by magic, candles were lit—and suddenly it was a party, echoing on a higher plane the sense of slightly nervous festivity taking place in the meadow below.  There was music in the distance; the sound of a tin whistle, playing a jig.

  Roger let it all wash over him, enjoying the brief sense of relaxation and irresponsibility.  Just for tonight, there was no need to worry; everyone was gathered, safe, fed, and prepared for the morrow’s journey.

 He needn’t even trouble to keep up his end of the conversation; Tom Christie and Jocasta were enthusiastically discussing the literary scene in Edinburgh and a book he’d never heard of, with Duncan, looking so mellow that he might slide out of his chair any minute, putting in the occasional remark, and old Arch—where was Arch?  Oh, there; gone back toward the meadow, having doubtless thought of some last minute thing he must tell someone.

 He blessed Jamie Fraser for his forethought in sending Arch and Tom with him.  Between the two of them, they’d saved him from any number of blunders, managed the ten thousand necessary details, and eased the fears of the new tenants regarding this latest leap into the unknown.

 He took a deep, contented breath of air scented with the homely smells of campfires in the distance and roasting dinner near at hand—and belatedly recalled the one small detail whose welfare was still his exclusive concern.

 Excusing himself, he made his way into the house, and discovered Jem down below in the main kitchen, cozily ensconced in the corner of a settle, eating bread pudding with melted butter and maple syrup on it.

 “That’s never your dinner, is it?  he asked, sitting down beside his son.

 “Uh-huh.  Want some, Daddy?”  Jem extended a dripping spoon upward toward him, and he bent hastily to take the offered mouthful before it fell off.  It was delicious, bursting-sweet and creamy on the tongue.

 “Mmm,” he said, swallowing.  “Well, let’s not tell Mummy or Grannie, shall we?  They’ve this odd prejudice toward meat and vegetables.”

 Jem nodded, agreeable, and offered him another spoonful.  They consumed the bowl together in a companionable silence, after which Jem crawled into his lap, and leaning a sticky face against his chest, fell sound asleep.
 Servants bustled to and fro around them, smiling kindly now and then.  He should, he thought vaguely, get up.  Dinner would be being served in a moment—he saw the platters of roasted duck and mutton being skillfully laid out, bowls mounded with heaps of fluffy, steaming rice soaked with gravy, and a huge sallet of greens being tossed with vinegar.

 Filled with whisky, bread pudding, and contentment, though, he lingered, putting off from moment to moment the necessity of parting from Jem and ending the sweet peace of holding his sleeping son.


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Well since I am a colossal nerd, have the day off, and have all the books on my Kindle -- I decided to do an electronic search on the word "Edinburgh" to see if I could find this scene (which I also could not recollect.)  It's from book 6, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, chapter 15, "Stakit to Droon."

BTW, that chapter title comes from something Duncan Innes says about someone who was "staked out to drown" for refusing to renounce their religious beliefs.  It's in the middle of a very interesting conversation he has with Roger on the subject of religion and it includes a description of the conflict it caused while he was imprisoned with Jamie in Ardsmuir.  Jamie brought an end to the conflict by making them all Masons, which somehow forced them to discontinue any theological disagreements they may have previously had on the doctrine of predestination vs. free will.

This book series -- it goes in some esoteric directions!

And now I'm craving bread pudding.

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