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S07.E04: Our First Christmas

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I know this episode was awhile ago but it was my favorite of the whole series. First off, I'm a little obsessed with Christmas, I start decorating before Thanksgiving so I always love to watch Christmas themed episodes to get new ideas. That huge tree in their living room was great! I loved the big ornaments and colored lights. The colorful boxes under the tree were wonderfully decorative but also kept the kids and dogs from getting under the tree and causing a mess.

What I really loved about the show was when Bill was putting up the train under the tree and talked about how he used to do that with his dad and brothers and loved that he could share that with his kids now, especially Will since Zoey didn't look all that interested.

Then when they were decorating the tree and the kids wanted to play with the ornaments rather than put them on the tree (been there too) so Jen was putting them on and Will was taking them off, especially the car ornaments.

My favorite part though, was the end when they all sat down to look at their Christmas tree and gave each other hugs and kisses. It was just so adorable!! Particularly with Zoey who had such a difficult transition and was now at ease enough to feel that she was a member of her loving and wonderful family. I could feel the love from that episode pouring out of my TV set. I think I've watched it at least 3 times!

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Yes, I loved that one too. And Jen changed the stockings to reflect their status as parents rather than "Jen" and "Bill So endearing. It was a lovely episode. I remember she was feeling good that day as well.

Plus they had on their holiday attire... So cute!!!

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