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  1. As a veterinarian, those grain-free brands of food are recommended for your pets for a reason. The other brands are made with by-products and corn as their main ingredients, pets are attracted to them because they have a lot of salt content added too. It would be like eating potato chips all the time or fast food, it's fun but isn't good for your health. I've seen the difference in my patients with the higher quality foods, especially in the quality of their fur and weight. So many pets have weight issues now, like humans, because they're lacking exercise and eating very poor foods. It's wonderful stores like PetSmart, etc make high-quality foods available at a good price as it goes a long way towards making a healthy pet. I do wonder about a smaller store like Bill's as it much be cheaper to go to a larger, warehouse store to buy food. I think he's mentioned before that the grooming is where they make their money. That puppy piddle pad with the hydrant is a good idea, if that were to be sold to a distributor, I think that could really take off and be a money maker.
  2. In some ways that's one of the problems I have with the Iris and Barry relationship. iris seems very competent, capable and mature, where as Barry, Caitlin and Cisco just seem awkward and immature. Iris almost seems like she should be in the set with her dad and Harrison Wells, the smart guys who accomplish things without bumping into doorways or stammering their way though a sentence, Linda's in that group too, which is why I always thought Linda and Barry were mismatched. Maybe by bringing in equally awkward and immature Patty, they can cycle through her and when Barry's done with that relationship, he can grow up a bit and look like he could emotionally be in a relationship with Iris. That's what I'm hoping anyway.
  3. This show is such a fun combination of education and charm, different than any other reality show I've ever seen. I loved seeing Zoey and Will go to NASA, they're such bright, fun, energetic kids and with Zoey, suitably cautious about strange, empty, space suits with shiny, mirrored heads. (That would've terrified me at her age too!) Jen's simulation about the conjoined twins surgery was fascinating and really made me appreciate and respect how important the job she does at the hospital really is. I was a little concerned at the beginning when they only showed one twin and thought maybe only one that survived the surgery, so I was pleased and relived to see both twins doing well. I also enjoyed the trip to New York where we found out that Bill is recovering from his surgery nicely and that Jen has a crush on John Cusack! I I have a soft spot for Serendipity too, so I get why she really likes that movie and wanted a snack at Serendipity 3, as I've done that too a few times. I'm so glad the show is back and taking over for the dreck that was Honey Boo Boo and that clown car uterus family.
  4. I loved when Finn told hat disguised Alicia, that no one was looking at her or cared that she resigned from her elected office, they had other things to worry about. I can't imagine most people would even know who won the state's attorney job anyway even if she was St. Alicia. I hope next season isn't all about Alicia starting her own firm with Intern Grace. I'm worried it will mean much less of my favorites, Cary and Diane. Honestly Grace and Alicia are my least favorite characters, at least hire Eli's daughter who had a personality. Will Eli now have to bring his clients to this new law firm again? It just seems like a storyline already done before.
  5. Now that Orlando is exiting and that leaves a hole in Sleepy Hollow (as well as my heart) I'm hoping that they bring John Cho back as Andy. Is that possible considering how he died, to have him come back as alive and human, to be part of the police force again? I would like that and it would take some of the sting away from Orlando's departure.
  6. I just saw the news about Orlando. I'm so depressed! No Frank Irving and no Orlando tweeting through episodes making even the worst of them worth watching? I hope it was his choice but he was such a champion and cheerleader of the show, he'll really be missed in so many ways.
  7. This episode seemed to put David back in Vic's orbit. So if Margeaux loses the baby next week, is that going to restart the Emily/Victoria revenge? I wonder which side David will be on?
  8. Is Natalie gone? She was such a fun, promising character but they got rid of her that quickly? We've been stuck with Margaux for years now but Natalie only gets a few episodes? I can't believe her story was resolved so quickly and the part about the fake rape and her history with Conrad was disappointing and a boring conclusion to her story. I think it's funny now how many revenge stories are going on, Natalie vs. Victoria and David, Ben's former wife vs. her ex-con boyfriend and pathetic Margaux vs. everyone, also Louise's brother vs Louise. It's hard to keep it all straight. I love the show though, it's still so much fun, dumb but fun.
  9. That Sandra, Zanza lady is bitter. I encountered her early on in the Katrina mess on another board, before I knew she was nuts. When I defended Abbie and wrote about being annoyed at Katrina, I was accused of being racist towards white people and "sticking with my kind" as well as, my favorite, "entitled" man that lady throws that one out there in every thread. When I wrote back that I was essentially as white as a paper plate, so how can I be racists towards white people? I sort of joked that disliking Katrina was like a Kumbaya moment that brought the sexes, races and creeds together. She then told me I was a "white apologist" who "didn't know my place." She really took it so seriously and was so angry like if Ichabbie happen her whole world would come crashing down. I remember thinking that this was a highly charged fandom. It sounds odd but you pick your sides with this one and I'm glad I chose the sane side! I think what really bothered me then and still does, is how they put down Nicole. I love her, I've never seen her in anything but this show but she's so captivating and adorable. No matter where she goes, I'm a fan for life! I kept hearing on other sites from the angry Katrina fans (not all but some) about how Nicole's a bad actress or shows no emotion, is too hard or whatever and for some reason I want to punch them. Maybe it's because Nicole is so tiny but it bugs me when people say bad things about her and I want to defend her! I just have to let it go but it's pretty obvious who's the capable, wonderful leading actress on this show and it's the one that didn't dissolve into ash and blow away in the season finale. I was happy to see that Nicole received a lot of great reviews for the season finale. I know Tom Mison has the showy part but Nicole is so great as the cornerstone of the series, as all the relationships revolve around her and I love how she makes Abbie fierce, smart., funny, loving, snarky and especially, capable. So many female characters on TV or the movies are just stupid or break a heel when they run from the bad guys but not Abbie, that's why I love her and Nicole, who makes her such a great female role model.
  10. That Ichabod Twitter guy, is that performance art or is that guy in need of a bed next to where Irving and Jenny stayed at the Sleepy Hollow mental health facility? My favorite line from the Variety interview with Tom Mison regarding mourning after Katrina and Henry's death: " I think we’ve seen enough Crane family drama. I think we’re all in agreement that it can’t be too maudlin, because we’ve got adventures to go on." I'm seriously in love with this guy. I love it when the people who are in my ships, ship it more than even I do!
  11. Thanks so much, HalcyonDays for explaining Irving's situation to me. I've never been so happy to be wrong!
  12. I'm confused about Irving. Jenny shot him and he recovered because he was all evil, then he coughs the evil out after Henry died and Jenny is hugging him but he goes sort of limp. He didn't revert back to mortal Irving and die right there? I don't know why I thought he did. I'm so glad I came on here to read everyone else's comments because I was so depressed. I just love Capt. Irving!!
  13. I loved that it only took the second question for KW to break out the, I talk to the writers, aren't I special, language she loves so much! Winter: Great. I mean, I'd been pushing for Katrina to do more magic since Day 1 and finally, they've listened. I also liked: "I'm all for Abbie in that sense." Just piss off lady.
  14. I saw that too and couldn't help think that now Katrina has an out. It wasn't my fault Ichabod, our son made me do these wicked things, blah, blah blah. But then I had a good thought, maybe the thorn that pierced her was poisonous! Deadly poisonous!! Now I can sleep well tonight;)
  15. I really liked this episode, it reminded me a bit of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Indy couldn't take the Holy Grail past the seal or it wouldn't work and you couldn't leave the cave if you wanted to be immortal. Maybe that's sort of what the Finestra place was like? You couldn't alter it or it didn't work? Also Jefferson reminded me of the knight in the cave of the Last Crusade, giving advice and staying behind to die. I think that's a good sign though, before Sleepy Hollow was reminding me of Hart to Hart or some Colonial era soap opera, being like an Indiana Jones movie is a huge improvement! I like the new guy and hope he's a useful ally for Abbie. I loved her response to his reading her face to see what she was really thinking. "Stop looking at my face!" Hard thing to ask, it's such a great face!
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