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S06.E05: Rag and Bone

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Frank is convinced Jackie is hiding drugs in her house, however before he can find them, she stashes them in the ladies room at the hospital. Jackie finds comfort in a fellow drug user after she bonds with a homeless and alcoholic nun. Zoey encourages Prentiss to do what he wants.







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So he's not going to confront Jackie just because Kevin's fiancée just announced she's pregnant? I was hoping he would be more sneaky about it, more "cop-ish", like tailing her to see what she's hiding. I honestly don't know where they're going with this. I feel like we've been through that already with Kev. Jackie seems to function so well on drugs that it never shows on her face or in her behavior. Will she ever overdose?

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Yeah, I think Frank is going to get all 'cop-ish' on Jackie and follow her or have her followed. That, or he thinks that if they are living together he'll be able to monitor her behavior better (yeah, good luck with that).


I also wonder where they are gong with the Julie White character (who's name I can't recall right now). I found it ... telling, in some way that she was quick to ditch the meeting with Jackie. Either her character is also 'secretly' using and, if this is the case, I hope they aren't going towards her suddenly overdosing and dying to 'shock' Jackie back to sobriety. Then again, the Bobby Cannavale's character's son (why am I 'blocking' on characters names?)  ODing didn't seem to make much of an impact. Then again, actually staying sober -- really staying sober -- is, percentage-wise, not that high (so to speak). Stopping (in this case) drug use is one thing but Jackie hasn't seemed to (that we've ever seen, right) deal with the problems/issues that lead her to drug abuse.


I know the show has been renewed for another season and, if they know it's going to be the final season, i wonder if they've a plan on how they want to end it and this season is just going to be used to set that season up. I don't know but ... I need a doll ... gimme a doll ... just one!

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So he's not going to confront Jackie just because Kevin's fiancée just announced she's pregnant?

I got the impression that he was going to confront her about the drugs in the remote after they got home (because who wants to have that conversation on a bus, no matter how empty it is?) and that's why Jackie decided to ask him to move in. She thought if she gave him what he's been asking for, then he wouldn't want to make things bad between them by having a fight. I'll be interested to see what happens in the next episode. Maybe he will bring it up once they get home.


I did feel bad for Jackie when Mia said she was pregnant. Obviously she is connecting with Grace and Fiona and with a new baby, they will form a new family so Jackie is going to feel excluded. I wouldn't be surprised if Grace got along with Mia just to spite Jackie. I do like that the girls are coming over to walk the dog. I was worried that it was a ruse for Grace to cause trouble.

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