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S05.E09: 99

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That was such an awesome episode. I love when the show focuses on the ensemble and it doesn't always need the characters to be separated. I really, really enjoyed more of the Jake/Holt relationship. He looks up to Holt so much and I love that he wanted everyone to come together in getting Holt to his interview. That's a nice way of showing how balanced the relationships are here, when each party gets something out of it. And even nicer that Holt was sabotaging it because of his deal with Seamus to help Jake and Rosa get out of prison. And even better with Jake refusing to let Holt tank his interview for them. 

Amy going all Alpha Female with her plans was awesome, and everyone respected her for it. Yeah, I realize that Gina probably would have had some snarky retorts. Though, I did notice upon my binge watch that Gina does seem to respect Amy...but when nobody else is around. I really haven't missed Gina and think she would have taken away from the episode a bit. 

So many awesome moment. Cousin Boyles, the Nakatomi Tower, Terry's first class obsession, and of course Rosa coming out as bisexual. I'd usually have an issue with a non-feminine woman like Rosa sliding into the stereotype many shows have gone with their women who are tough like Rosa, but I don't even care all that much. Rosa being bi is great. The fact that we did get to see Rosa date a few guys before coming out as bi is great. It also fits her personality quite well, and they aren't going to just use it as a joke. We've also seen Rosa defy some of those stereotypes, so it's great to see her become a multi-faceted character, even more so than she already is. And she told Boyle, which is great. I never expected them to be such great friends after the first ten episodes of his unrequited love. That's how a one sided love relationship his handled. And I love that Boyle got right into finding out her name.

All in all, great 99th episode for the 99th precinct! Good job, Brooklyn Nine Nine!

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I thought the funniest thing about the Boyle Cousins bit was that after they exchange the obligatory Boyle Cousinship "I love you"s with Charles, and only then, it's revealed that Charles has never met these particular Boyles before. Just a weird little detail, but it's a grace note of hilariousness.

A wonderful 99th episode altogether. Holt's gallows humour was also brilliantly done. Such a great show!

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