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S02.E06: The Pied Piper

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Wow... Special Guest Star billing for Eve Plumb!  Too bad she was a block of wood for the whole episode (even when she wasn't supposed to be mind-controlled).  Martin Mull wasn't very good, either... I would wonder if the particular director sucked, but he's the same guy who directed The Return of Wonder Woman, and according to IMDB he had a ton of other directing credits in the 70's and 80's, so... I dunno.


Loved how the robberies were done by the band from a Robert Palmer video! the "Addicted to Love" video!


I also noticed that this was the first time that they tried to give the President a Southern accent.  Jimmy Carter was in the White House at the time, and even if this may have sounded more like LBJ at least they finally tried.  Plus, Steve Trevor was hardly in the show!  I wonder what he had going on at the time.  (Or maybe they gave him a short break so Norman Burton could actually do something.)


Finally, what was up with Wonder Woman buying the "I was only stealing the money they stole from me!" bit?  I know he was under the control of the lasso when he said it, but that just pretty much makes him deranged, not a victim.

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I'm not sure which was worst:

  • Martin Mull's "roll and roll" "music"
  • Martin Mull being "teh sexy" and having groupies
  • Martin Mull's Elvis outfits
  • Martin Mull's "groovy and hip" dialogue


I did not realize that was Eve Plumb! I remember thinking she kinda looked like Jan Brady but thought I was just mistaken. Heh.

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