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Game: Twin Peaks Spinoffs!

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You know what time it is? Game time! Pitch your humorous or serious spinoffs of the world's most un-spinoffable show, Twin Peaks. Examples:

Lodge Babies Saturday morning children's cartoon featuring little Dale, little Mr C, little Gordon, little Albert, little Laura. Anyone involved in the Lodge or its investigation would be on the show. 

Between Twin Peaks deconstructive webseries based on Between Two Ferns, but in this case guests sit between cardboard cutouts of the light and dark mountains from Hawk's map and the cutouts interview the guests in Lodge Speak.

The Mitchums single camera no laugh track sitcom done about the Mitchums and Candie

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Twin Peaks 2-Nite!: a late-night live talk-show/phone-in forum format, for discussing daily events in Twin Peaks.  Occasional surprise guests.

ETA: Hosted by Dick -er- Richard Tremayne

Edited by Nashville
Gotta have Dick!
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