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S02.E05: King of Camp

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Heh, of course McKinley was right about Renata all along, but now she's made him look crazy to Ben and everyone else, so no one will believe him!

Loved how more ridiculous the "King of Camp" contest got each round.  Figured Andy was going to lose, but the question is will he get revenge on Deegs or not.

Blake might be having second thoughts?!

Bye Gareth, I guess.  Still weird actually enjoying a Jai Courtney performance.  Haven't done that since Spartacus (well, he actually was one of the best things abut Suicide Squad, but that wasn't hard to accomplish.)

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Blake has a soul!  Maybe.  I adore the Tigerclaw crew, the sweaters alone take me back.

Alyssa Milano is playing the hell out of Renata, the psycho nanny.  How long until she tries to murder McKinley and/or Ben and steal their baby?

The "King of Camp" competition was everything.  It included every silly camp game I've ever seen or played.  Andy deserved to lose…your time has passed, "old" man!  I have to think Andy will try to get revenge, but fail miserably.

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I am Skyler "Deegs" Gisondo's biggest fan.  I thought he was perfectly cast as an insecure dweeb on Santa Clarita Diet, but it turns out he's equally brilliant playing a douchey bully. 

Is there any way it could turn out that Andy is Deegs' biological father?  I would imagine Andy got a pretty early start, sexually speaking. Not to mention that time doesn't exactly play by the rules in the WHAS universe.

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