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S02.E04: Lunch

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Ah, so of course Coop has a fiancee.  Who hasn't told her anything about Katie and gets all flustered when they are both together and then he she asks him about their relationship.  Yeah, that is going to end badly for him.

Fun seeing Logan again.  Susie is going to mess him up.  Still waiting to see if we're going to get more Susie/Ben stuff, because I have to imagine part of the reason of getting Adam Scott was to have him and Amy Poehler play off one another again.

Gene!  Christopher Meloni can do anything, which now includes getting into a convincing fight with a can of vegetables!  Glad Mitch recruited him and now they're gotten more allies in the form of both Eric and Greg.  You know, despite the fact both of them were suppose to be dead.  Well, we did get a hint that Eric was somehow still alive after First Day at Camp, but I love that Greg apparently somehow survived getting shot.  But I just hope they get a chance to have Chris Pine sing "Higher and Higher" again.

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Logan cracked me up!  He's the new Susie!  No wonder they have issues.  And I'll be slightly disappointed if they don't end up in a slapfight…or in bed.

Gene is the freaking shit!  I love every second he's on my screen.  The fight with Mitch was fantastic, but it's his facial expressions that win the day.  And now he has a crew.  Is this the greatest team-up since The Avengers?  Maybe so.

I feel for Ginny, how could Coop never tell her about Katie?  I'm not even convinced he wants Katie now, she's just a fantasy.  The "hot" girl he could never have or keep.  She's still kind of an asshole, which Coop never seemed to see/get.

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I live for the opening theme of Jane. I will also watch Janeane Garofalo in anything, and I don't think she's aged. 

I watched all the episodes at one sitting so far, and I'm glad to see it's as ridiculous as ever. The fact the the there's a nuclear bomb under the camp is just perfect for this show. 

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