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Season 4 (2017) Speculation

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The previews recently released hint at the radically new direction the show is taking.  They had no real choice.

There wasn't even a USA when last we saw our heroes.  At best, there was a confederacy of regions.  The NJ herself was in dry dock, being refurbished with who the heck knows what, nor how, given there was no real economy to "pay" for it.  The new level of dystopia we observed would make everything much, much, more difficult.  

The beauty part, from a writer's point of view, is that most anything can be outlined as feasible.  

The one unforgivable, for me, would be to see the Russian Admiral again.   

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The Nathan James was in dry dock... again?  I thought that was the ending to season 2.  At the end of season 3, she's in port, and Capt. Chandler walks away.  The new president appears to be back in control of the US, but I'm sure that "control" is not the right word to use...

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