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S02.E07: I Know My Soul

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On 7/27/2017 at 10:33 AM, Keepitmoving said:

How many years are there between Nova and RA? Because I know I heard his spoiled, entitled, thoughtless ass, yell at Nova for leaving him because he thought she was his mother up until he was ten years old. He said he didn't realize that he had lost his mother until he was ten and that entire time Nova had been taking care of him. All that did for me was empathize with Nova, part of her youth was sopped up playing mommy when she was just a kid herself. And it's not like RA had no parent at all. It's not like they were foster kids, out on the street. Once again, he had a dad, a aunt, yet he's yelling at Nova for leaving and trying to have a life. Ugh, why is Ava making him such a pain in the ass with no let up in sight? Why?

I DO NOT like Remy for Charlie and I haven't since he started making comments on her personal life choices, like where she wants to continue raising her son in the state of Louisiana, bye, just bye Remy.  He doesn't like Charlie, and is clearly not interested in getting to know and accept her for who she is. When he started his bullshit, I was too through on behalf of that girl. Brother, soon to be ex, and now this asshole? Really? Damn, how much is she supposed to take, people constantly questioning her motives as if they're sinister.

I agree with all you wrote. I cannot stand how ungrateful rah is. Charlie and Nova saved him from jail---Charlie, twice. Charlie employed him and his junkie girlfriend. Charlie saved the farm and had the balls to face the Landries. Rah is spoilt and selfish. Remy I despise. He judges Charlie like he is above her and sulks like a boy. I wish she had retorted "I worked hard for my money and will live where I damn please. You and these farmers should be grateful. And you know what, you don't know me like that so keep pressing." She can do better.

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