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S03.E20: Heroes Rise: Pretty Hate Machine

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On 5/30/2017 at 2:47 AM, Traveller519 said:

Who is working the front door of Gotham Central PD? Can I suggest installing a turnstile? A security checkpoint? A metal detector? Or is it a booking agent? "Yes, the officer you'd like to see is present. Would you like me to ring ahead to him, or will you be making the grand entrance to the bullpen?"

Gotham Central PD is essentially the backstage area of a typical WWE Raw episode. It's just a matter of time until a giant brawl breaks out and somebody breaks some furniture. 

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I fell very behind with this show, and was catching up.  Usually, things should get more interesting towards the finale, but I feel like this half-season was the reverse.  This episode really dragged.  I am getting bored and tired of the whole Oswald vs. Nygma/Barbara/etc. stuff.  

Lee injecting herself with the virus made zero sense, and she still makes no sense.  Why would she agree to get locked up?  I don't buy her wanting to be together with an infected Jim.  

So now we have Evil Lee, Evil Jim, Evil Bruce... it's just not fun to watch people lose control of themselves.  Bruce basically became a mindless puppet.  How is this interesting character building?  Are they going to pull an antidote out of someone's behind in the finale?  

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