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S02.E05: Knockout

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Some thoughts as I was watching the episode...


The opening notes of the theme song make me smile like a little kid. Just makes me happy!


Love the flashing lamp and the video phone.


When the bad guys reported to their boss that Wonder Woman had foiled them a second time, he said, "It's a replay of what happened in the girl's apartment in Washington. I can't figure it out." Uh, yeah. I can't figure out how these two gorgeous, statuesque, blue-eyed brunettes always show up in the same place either!


Wow, that professional hitman who can't leave witnesses has strong opinions about senseless, wasteful violence.


So... in Carolyn's rookie year she -- a black woman cop in 1972 -- participated in an undercover operation involving espionage and narcotics. Impressive!


Man, we missed the rescue scene. I wanted a hug at least! (Can't help it -- I always shipped Steve and Diana!)

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Ted Shackelford as The Cab Driver!  Jayne Kennedy (shortly before taking over for Phyllis George on the NFL Today) as the Villainess with a Heart!  Not a bad episode; I liked how Steve referred to "the Other Side" in the era of détente.


Also, was this the first episode in which we hear the Princess call herself "Wonder Woman"?  Diana Prince definitely refers to her that way, but I don't recall her ever directly introducing herself using the name before now.  I could be wrong, though.


(Can't help it -- I always shipped Steve and Diana!)

I think that, since there was some acknowledged romantic attraction between Major Steve Trevor and Diana in S1, that CBS realized that trying to rekindle it between Diana and Steve Trevor, Jr. would be squicky.

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I thinks it's kind of squicky too. I don't think I saw much attraction from Diana towards Steve, Jr.  I think he cared more about Diana than Wonder Woman, though. I think Steve, Sr. had a thing for Wonder Woman -- and Diana was clearly in love with him.


The beginning of season 2 broke my heart, because I realized what she (and Steve, Sr.) had to give up. There's some awesome fanfic about that. It kind made me mad that the Queen was willing to let her go back after requiring her to give up Steve, Sr.  The Diana of seasons 2 and 3 isn't as innocent because of it. (Okay, that's my interpretation!)

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Ugh, this one was a stinker!


Did you notice LAX looked exactly like the airport in Argentina from the first season?


Ted Shackleford plays a scientist from the future who invents a time machine to explore and research the past. Hmmm...


I loved how quickly that car chase ended in rural California, next to that copse of trees we see in the opening credits.


After Jane Kenedy told Steve about her Utopian plans for the future, Steve said it would more involve slavery and secret police.


I was amused by the venue for that super-important meeting of world leaders -- outside, in the middle of an an open courtyard. Worst. Security. Ever!

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