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1) I am disappointed Caleb is leaving. I hope he comes back.

2) That was quite an ending!

3) How is the team being exposed and Alex being exposed going to help the situation ?

LOL lines:

1) Caleb: Clay! [Groans]Clay? [Sighs] Who's gonna make me waffles?


2) Raina to Caleb: I'd like to say it's good to see you, but I'm still trying to figure out if it's true.


3) Felix: Nimah, right?

Nimah: You're buying me a drink.

Felix: Um, but drinks are free.

4) Clay to his fiancée: “Marry me right now. I know like 10 judges. I'll wake one up.”

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1 hour ago, iheartET said:

3) How is the team being exposed and Alex being exposed going to help the situation ?

I assume it's to lure out the 'mole/culprit/whoever' of the season that'll be revealed in the finale, but I'm not entirely sure with this 'conspiracy' or whatever is going on half the time.

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Caleb definitely had a lot of funny lines.  He was amusing.

The ringleader of the big bad people - does anyone know the actor's name? He looked familiar to me and I want to look him up to see why.  

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Not having Caleb on this show permanently continues to baffle me.  I'll probably stick with the show through this season but if there is no Caleb next season then I'm probably out.  If it even comes back.

The Clay/Shelby thing continues to annoy the shit out of me.  It's beyond disgusting that she would continue to go after the Haas men.  Nevermind that I'm not even sure why these two would even like each other.  Aside from making some good looking Hitler approved aryan babies

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CALEBBBBBBB!  DON'T LEAVE USSSSSSSS!!!  ::clings to Caleb's ankles::

On a positive note, this end of the season is actually making some sort of sense...or at least I'm able to understand what the plot is supposed to be.  The first part of the season was just pretty people running around prettily, and I had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on.

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