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  1. This is a freeze frame of one moment in time devoid of any context. I would need to watch the routine again to see where Taylor ends up in that pose. Is it not possible that Koine just reached her finishing position before Taylor and she's still moving to that position? I mean her left hand isn't even on the ground yet. I'd guess she eventually ends up in the proper position. This is funny because I have a different reaction to Taylor/Koine's height difference. Koine's shortness is distracting to me. And Taylor's lines are incredible. Nothing Koine does physically/athletically jumps out to me. With that said, I agree that the cha cha was terrible. I get that people feel Koine has been underrated by the judges and the show but last nights Lex/Koine broadway doesn't really back that point up. The show wasn't trying to make people forget it. Mary called it one of the best routines in the show's history.
  2. I'm not saying your wrong but I was not aware of a lot of this information. This reads like Megan's version of events. I also think Cody's behavior can be misread as condescending especially that early in the game. But as time went on I think it became clear that he was just very straight forward and never displayed emotion.
  3. If Paul is evicted though that could change things because he could potentially influence the jury. I'm not sure if he would be bitter or not. If Josh made the play to oust Paul then I could see a scenario where Josh loses as I don't think anyone really wants to give that buffoon half a million dollars and basically admit they were outsmarted by the biggest dummy in the house.
  4. Do we know this is the choreographers decision? I think they have people in charge of costumes who I'm sure work hand in hand with the choreographers. I also think its worth asking if Kaylee is part of the blame. She has her own style and its not classically feminine. I think a lot of it his her own decision making.
  5. I think that is easy to say while in the house and you're still thinking strategically and trying to say things to keep you in the house. At the end of the day though, these nitwits have to answer questions and tell the jury why they should win. And imo, Josh is very dumb and will make whoever he sits next too look really convincing.
  6. I'm not really disagreeing with you because I said as much regarding Fik-shun and Dassey's contemporary routine tonight. That was not terribly difficult when compared to the average contemporary routine on this show. With that said. Kaylee did have a choice. Cyrus was not the only all star to pick her. She could've chosen another all star that complemented her better in these other styles.
  7. I think this would have the opposite effect. It would allow these people to tell themselves they weren't hated and of course America gave the money to charity instead.
  8. I'm not trying to be a dick here but you conveniently let off the part where I said it was subconscious and I also explained why I thought they would have that impression. No big deal if you disagree and I do agree that it can also be rooted in bonding.
  9. I don't think Jason should sell Kevin out just yet. He's one of the few people I think Jason has a shot of beating and also one of the few people who might consider taking him to final 2.
  10. I think Alex harping on the Cody cereal thing is her way of dealing with the fact that Cody is popular. And I think all the HG's do this with whatever Cody related mischief they amplify. These people believe they're the good guys. They need that to be the case. But, subconsciously they know Cody/Jessica/Mark were favored outside the house. In the back of their heads they know this from the receptions they received when exiting and from production. The issue is that they can't admit it to themselves so they continue to blast Cody and company in an attempt to continue to justify their own actions and to re-shape the narrative that deep down they know is true. They suck.
  11. I think Paul has a potentially fatal flaw in his plans. If he's stuck with one of the pairs at final 3 then he has to win HOH. None of the 3 pairs will choose Paul over their ride or die. Now, I'm not sure how likely it is that he ends up in a final 3 with a pair but the odds grow if he continues to knock out singletons like Mark and Kevin first. Nevermind that if he ever wins HOH before then, he puts himself in a precarious position of exposing himself.
  12. This is spot on. And its not just having the last word. He has to leave the conversation thinking he won or put you in your place. I think it explains why he and cody never got along. Cody would never back down or give him anything to go on. But Paul's need for the last word required him to keep pushing and pushing even if it was through intermediaries like Josh or Christmas or Raven.
  13. Yea, I have no issue if its equal across the board. I don't think thats the case though.
  14. The word narrative isn't synonymous with false. This is now a story line that was given the stamp of approval from production. I agree that it is reality. But imo, it should be a reality the players perceive on their own not spoon fed to them by zing bot. Or, in the alternative, I wouldn't have a problem with zing bot going at all of them in a similar fashion. They could've called out Raven for her victim whoring. Or called out Paul for being the puppet master. Or called out Christmas for being in and out of the house. All things that could be used against people in the game. Making fun of Raven's makeup and Josh's tears and Marks impotency have nothing to do with the game, while Jason's does.
  15. I thought the Zingbot shtick was incredibly unfair to Jason. Not that I think he was going to win but this definitely hurts his chances. To have production reinforce the narrative that he's dead weight being carried by Alex solidifies the fact that nobody will vote for that kind of player to win the game. If he's in the final 2 with Alex, you better believe that will be a ridiculously high hurdle he'd have to get over to beat her out. Meanwhile, other people get personal zings that have no effect on the game whatsoever.
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