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S01.E07: Heartfelt Charity

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Following Matty's Persian New Year Party, AthenaX seeks comfort in supportive husband Panos who puts everything into perspective. Meanwhile, Victoria plans a combined Wrinkles Schminkles launch with a fundraiser for Victor Chang cardiac research. Later, she reveals that despite AnthenaX's generous Levendi donation, she has genuine concerns about inviting AthenaX and her Greek temper. But once the event gets underway a disruptive interloper ensures that while Lisa and Athena are out of sight, they are most definitely not out of mind.

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Victoria is truly the most toxic woman ever cast on this series; she makes Jody Claman seem sweet and kindly in comparison.  Her spitefulness is so beyond, she makes Andrea Moss appear magnanimous.

Does anyone think this woman is redeemable?  I don't think Camille Grammar's PR team can save this shrew...

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I heartily agree. I'm so embarrassed that this group of toxic intellectual slugs is representing my country as part of the housewife franchise. They personify the Sydney that is stereotyped as flashy brash and shallow. What a bunch of poseurs. Athena X is a narcissist who cannot abide attention focused anywhere but on herself. Another one. I guess these types are drawn to try out for the RH franchise and the producers, especially Australian ones, encourage this kind of low rent trashy braggart personality. I can't even feel sad for her background because she continues to inflict that poisonous persona on everyone around her, plus I don't know if I believe her, it was very convenient.

Victoria could have reclaimed the moral high ground if she'd just been gracious about the Avendi (or whatever) donation and calmly had that Lizzie Buttrose fool ejected promptly from the event. Oh, can we just take a minute to focus on the hilarious juxtaposition of Victoria's 70 year old turtle neck as the ambassador for her 'Wrinkles Schminkles' line (before photo anyone?)? Along with her flogging it at a charity event? I cannot abide that pretentious drawl she effects, her voice could strip paint. The Victor Chang charity is a big deal here, they do great work. I was MORTIFIED that they'd be associated with this. And in typical Aussie television fashion, unable ever as we are to entertain an original concept or idea, we have the thoroughly over exposed Joh Bailey rolled out yet again. The dessicated old fruit evidently makes a living now bleaching hair for ageing divorcee's like Victoria. He should be banned in perpetuity from holding any public role associated with a charity. Or anything, preferably. His inebriated performance as an auctioneer was an insult to the VC charity. They were told what that necklace was worth and the idea was to raise money for the charity and sell the lots, not to insult and alienate the donors and the charity and ensure that some astute witness in the crowd, who realised a bargain could be had from this cluster fuck, walk away with it at an insanely low price. This isn't Bargain Hunters, it's a charity event.

The squawking harpies surrounding Victoria also ensured that no moral high ground was reached. Instead of doing something useful, like find security, they all start affecting Victoria's noxious drawl and carried on in that wannabe elitist manner about the HAIR on the gatecrasher. If Lizzie Buttrose was not invited, it's a no brainer: have her ejected. These were the same women who were appalled (rightly) that AthenaX would criticise another woman's appearance. This Buttrose thing is another washed up wastoid from the same agency that cast Joh Bailey in this episode (she is the niece of a long running editor of one of our biggest weekly magazines that is now published monthly, but is still called 'Women's Weekly' - work that one out! -and Charles Burrich (sp?) and his interestingly preserved wife a few episodes ago and also on RHOMelb, and Tim Olsen from the art gallery).Cos god forbid we find fresh new blood EVER on Australian tv. 

Lisa Oldfield is a disgrace and another poseur. I had a herpetologist licence for years and kept snakes like this. They are like goldfish: they don't bond with their owners and carrying one around in the kitchen when you are making cocktails (was that an infomercial, by the way?) is purely for the purposes of seeking attention. I still believe she's got some kind of substance problem. Lisa and Athena have a lot in common. Lisa's whole 'embrace evil' schtick was also so rehearsed. And sad. And AthenaX in her kitchen, did anyone else notice how set up that was? All the ingredients were artfully arranged and there was a chalk board I paused on covered in motivational slogans referring to the other women. That was hilarious. 

They're all such POSEURS!!! The name dropping and the 5 minute segment of Krissie, Nicole and Melissa on the boat. Yes. The audience doesn't need to hear these women comparing their yacht experiences and the ports that get the best sunset in April, again. Nicole's inner self was displayed when she screeched about her '4 and a half' in response to AthenaX last episode. They are classless, vain and arrogant. 

I was appalled by this episode. Maybe Mattie came off as the best of the bitches tonight, but she was still huffing through those sofa lips about the travesty of the gate crasher's hair. Victoria is the bitterest of these bitter shrews. I guess she's earned it if the story she tells of her ex husband screwing her best friend while she was upstairs (passed out in a xanax coma, no doubt, while reorganising her handbags alphabetically). And if Victoria hits AthenaX in Singapore, she should be sacked. Because she put her hands on Athena in the first episode also, throwing her shawl (that wasn't a cape. Just because capes were on trend a couple of years ago still doesn't make that thing a cape) into the harbour. The fact that AthenaX hasn't refused to film with her attests to her own limitless thirst. 

These women are an embarrassment. I can't believe they are making me sentimental for the likes of Pettifleur! 

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