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S13.E30: Sparks Will Fly, Part 2

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Well, that was kinda of a downer ending.


A-Plot. CLEW...is over? Good for Drew for seeing Clew for what it was, bad on Clare for everything else. I get she's still mad at Eli but even in the few times they communicated she still didn't express how she felt about Lenore, not to mention she was never honest to Eli about her earlier Thanksgiving indiscretion so in a way, she allowed those feelings to fester. And breaking up via voicemail? Blah. She seriously needs time alone to figure it all out, away from ANY character but it looks that that's not happening.


B-Plot. Maya sucked this episode, but I'm glad she realized it in the end. She did herself and the two boys no favors by just dithering and not wanting to hurt either one, which of course led to the confrontation. Not that Zig and Miles made it better. The gun thing actually surprised me and I'm surprised both MTV and TeenNick left that out of the promos. And Tristan actually did something nice for someone, so there's that.


C-Plot. Oh my god, Zoe's mom is a piece of work. Basically forcing her daughter to be in a film where she's forced to relive her sexual assault? It's not like Zoe's an adult that can brush aside her feelings and get the job, my god. Does Mama Matlin have room for Zoe in her house? Because man...


So this summer the season ends (that schedule is going to take some getting used to...). Judging by the promos, we get bi-curious Clare, Becky testifying against her brother, Chewy in an actual plot, and more Zaya drama. Bring it on.

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"Do you need help getting off?" Oh, what a line. I was pretty surprised that Clare and Drew had sex right away like that but I'm not bothered by it... perhaps after her battle with cancer, she's not wanting to waste time/is more free about that. Would be nice to know if that's the case, since it's easy to go, "welp, it's Clew, the whole thing is stupid". I was also surprised that they ended Clew as soon as it started but I don't think they're over. Drew didn't want to just be a rebound, and Clare told Eli (and probably should have told Drew, too) that Drew wasn't just a fling. And since they're not getting together right away, I think that suggests that they are, in fact, not just a random shallow pairing. I'm loving this whole thing, honestly. And I really loved Clare and Eli's conversation, too... I was so worried Eli would get away with playing the victim again but Clare called him out on a lot of shit, and I'm glad she didn't fall for his romantic fairytale story crap again. Yeah, they needed to talk more but that was the whole point, she could never get a hold of him long enough to have a real conversation.


The Maya/Miles/Zig thing was a big mess. Not that it was right at all but I was glad Miles wiped that smirk off of Zig's face. However, the wrap up of that story, with Maya apologizing to Zig was just ridiculous. Yeah, she led them both on but she's not the only one who needed to apologize. Zig was being a major asshole, was smug to and beat up her boyfriend (after calling her his sloppy seconds), and she's the one saying sorry? She broke up with Miles because he scared her (which is something I don't quite get) but she'll associate with Zig, who is apparently so off the rails that she was scared to reject him. So that ice cream scene at the end was just not cute to me, as I was still trying to figure out how Zig ended up being the good guy in this ordeal.


Zoe's mom is a piece of work. You know, I'd really like to see more of her and her home life, just to see what the heck's going on there. Because wow, pushing your daughter to keep a role that disturbs her... that's effed up. It would be one thing if it were about responsibility and commitment but once your kid says she can't handle it, you have to accept that. Why was her mom acting like this was the end all be all, can't she take other roles? Or did mommy already charge a vacation to Cabo?

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I think he scared her because she already had one boyfriend who was unstable and he ended up killing himself. She needs some time alone.

Eli really turned into a good looking guy. I hope that is not the last we see him, but I suspect "story is over" so it will be. I hope the actor goes on to bigger and better things.

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I feel like Clare and Drew are a (much better) redo of Emma and Spinner. The intense type A alpha girl who has recently become a bit more fun loving with the goofy dumb guy who has recently become a responsible source of wisdom. I don't think Clew is over yet, not by a long shot. I love their chemistry; it gets better every episode and this finale was no exception. I know Aislinn Paul is iffy with a lot of people, but she plays Clare the right level of adorable when paired with the right guy. I loved happy Clare and Eli, and I love Clew. 


During her fight with Eli, did anyone else flash back to the infamous "Did you ever love me at all?" I swear, she had the same inflection and everything. 

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This school has an abnormal amount of events and theme parties. I did think it was funny that Clare and Ali didn't have to put on any more makeup to play "saloon girls". Clare could calm down on that blush and Ali could calm down on the eyeshadow. I think she's wearing fake lashes but I can't say for sure as some people have super long eyelashes. Also, didn't we just have a conversation about the dress code?


Oh, so many terrible jokes in the prop room this episode. By the way, why does this school have a gigantic prop room? Was there an infusion of money that I forgot about? Putting aside the fact that this is in the middle of the school year and probably interferes with homework and assignments, how can they afford all of this? 


Yeah, so Miles and Zig both view Maya in very problematic ways. She really shouldn't be with either one of them. Also, I'm surprised Miles was even able to land a punch. He's really miscast for the character they've written.


Zoe's no Patsy but at least she was better than Maya. 


I loved Tristan getting in between Maya and Miles. It's one of the only good things he's done in ages.

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