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S13.E12: 15 Boys Perform

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Can I just say how much I appreciate that the titles of the first two live episodes are "15 Girls Perform" and "15 Boys Perform."  I think "Women" and "Men" would have been preferable, but at least it wasn't "Girls" and "Men" or some such.

So, does Pharrell send CJ the hats he rejects for not being wide enough?

Uh, . . .did JLo just give Emmanuel a second chance to pander to the voters by letting him sing a capella after his (less than impressive) first number was over?  Nah, I'm sure that had nothing to do with the fact that he's one of her favorites or anything.

Ok, I just heard (and saw) Sam Woolf for the first time, and I might as well tune out the rest of the season.  That's your winner right there, folks.

The shirt tied around George's waist and hanging down in the back is NOT the best look for the stage.  Somewhere Adam Lambert is doing a major face palm.

If Sam is the front-runner for winner, Dexter is most likely to be first-runner up.  Never underestimate the power of the country music voting block on this show (Carrie, Scotty, etc.)

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So, I've never watched this show before, I have no clue how it normally goes. I'm under the impression the winnowing down is somewhat truncated this season, am I correct? Also I have no real feel for how America votes but as an observer I think your best males were Sam, Dexter (who I just think is adorable and a hog farmer and may have the perfect country voice) and Caleb who sounded effortless while singing but still killed it. I'm probably going to be disillusioned soon, but for the moment this is way more entertaining than I had given it credit for. It helps that I let it record for an hour so I could fast forward through a lot of the filler. I don't know that I'd ever be able to watch it fully live.  

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