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Watch Kendall Explain The Horrors Of Sleep Paralysis To A Shocked Kim On Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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Add to the sleep paralysis the feeling that the bed is falling away from you and you have many of my nights. The "don't panic; you're not dying" mantra helps.

Next Kim will be amazed restless legs syndrome, eye twitches and tinnitus. There's a whole world of annoying medical issues she has yet to learn about. It's going to be an exciting year!

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In defense of Kim (not a phrase I ever expected to be typing. . .), my mother, a medical professional, was not aware that sleep paralysis was a thing until after I told her that I experience it (thankfully only 1-2 times per year). It is crazy scary. In addition to the paralysis part, like many others with this sleep disorder, I experience the terror of thinking ("knowing") there is another presence in the room out to do me harm (in my case a dark figure standing next to the bed just at the edge of my peripheral vision holding either a knife or a syringe). I can only take comfort in the fact that those who suffer from sleep paralysis are less likely to experience exploding head syndrome (another sleep disorder).

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Even though I've experienced sleep paralysis for over a decade, I didn't really understand why it occurred. I used to find it really scary (my sensation is floating while my body gets dragged by something around the room, although I understand this varies from person to person). I have learned to recognize what's happening and just be chill about it until it passes. The history on it is interesting, too. It's where the word nightmare comes from - sufferers described it as feeling like a horse kneeling on your chest in the night. See also: succubus.

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10 minutes ago, MsDiva2007 said:

I suffer from this and its not a laughing matter. I suffer from claustropobia also and when this hits me it causes my blood pressure to go through the roof which could be deadly. It may seem trivial but its not.

Sadly, they've managed to do just that. One session of meditation and poof,  we'll never hear about it again. Just like Kim's one chat with the therapist and she was also cured of anxiety.

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