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Colonel Kira Nerys: She's Come Full Circle

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No topic on the most amazing woman in Star Trek??

Episode title comes from an interview with Nana Visitor (who played Kira) after the series wrapped. Visitor commented that Kira's journey had her come full circle.

Love the character to death. The writers did an excellent job giving her depth and Nana Visitor played her beautifully. Brilliant actress.

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The writers did a fabulous job with Kira. She started a resistance fighter for Bajor fighting against the Cardassians who occupied her world hating the mere sight of them and through her journey took on a few Cardassians friends and finally helped them fight a resistance against an enemy that occupied their world.

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Just re-watched S5's "The Darkness and the Light" one of my favorite Kira episodes. A great script as always by Ronald Moore(from Bryan Fuller's story) After the deaths of two of her old resistance comrades at the hands of a mysterious killer who's been assassinating other members of her cell, Nana Visitor crushes her monologue of how she joined the resistance when she was 13. Also when she finally confronts the murderer who turns out to be a mere Cardassian servant who was victim of one of their terrorist attacks seeking revenge.

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