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Post-Brenda Years Challenge

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There are no years like the Brenda years, but I have an idea for the arrival of the love-to-hate (I actually like) Valerie. I think we need a 5 Ways Valerie is More Fun to Hang Out with Than the Other 90210 Girls Challenge because she so would be. This may have already been proposed, so sorry (not sorry) if I missed it. 

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Great challenge! I'm in.

1. She can roll a joint with one hand.

2.  She has some sexy-time tricks that even Dylan hasn't seen.

3. She can moonlight to help people get their money back when they've been scammed.

4. She isn't dumb enough to fall for a cult leader.

5. She finds woody woodpecker sexy and won't be slut shamed for it.

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She has the most amazing hair and curves that puts the other girls to shame.

She will call folks out on the BS, especially Kelly for cheating with Dylan then cheating on Dylan.

She gets with Dylan, Steve, David, and smooches Brandon so she gets more action than the other girls and is unapologetic for it.

Her friend Ginger is even more fun than the other girls.

She can run a nightclub and get you free admission and drinks.

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She can run a nightclub and get you free admission and drinks.

She can run a nightclub while taking a full course load of college classes each semester while maintaining an active social life and still graduate on time.

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