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S02.E09: Amalgamation and Capital


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Bullock makes a connection with his son. Swearengen, who has entrusted E.B. to spy on the new telegraph operator, stokes rumors of an annexation of the camp and amends his agreement with Miss Isringhausen. Cy aims to unburden a troubled man of his bloodstained money. Alma and Martha come to an agreement, and a tragic accident befalls the camp.

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It was definitely an advantage watching this one twice (as I have been doing with all the episodes on this rewatch). Al's language was extremely arcane and complicated when he was talking about Merrick's newspaper story and the associated politics of Yankton and Montana. On my second viewing I was able to fully understand it.

Poor sweet William. I loved his little speech about Mr Bullock missing his brother, i.e. William's father (subtext: William was missing his father), and saving the sunflower seeds because his father had liked sunflowers and maybe Mr Bullock might like them too. What a kind boy. Everyone in the camp seemed so fond of him - I suppose because there aren't many children in Deadwood, and he was such a lovely one? He and Tom Nuttall were building the foundations of what would have become a great friendship, I'm sure. Even drunken stupid 'I did not fuck that horse' Steve was happy around William.

Charlie Utter was at his wits' end about Jane and her drunkenness. I love how the two of them abuse the hell out of each other but that the abuse clearly comes from a place of deep caring.

It was very good of Martha to extend the olive branch to Alma and encourage Ellsworth to go get her and bring her to the hardware store for the opening of the bank. I wasn't sure why the camera was conspicuously focusing on Alma's knitting when Ellsworth was talking to her in her hotel room - anyone? It was a happy scene at Star & Bullock with the arrival of the safe full of money, Alma and Martha making peace, Trixie being the first depositor and Alma very pleased to sign her deposit slip.

Of course all the happiness couldn't last. It was during the scene at the Bella Union when Mose Manuel was getting his prick sucked that the tense music started and you knew something terrible was going to happen. The montage of wordless reactions to the accident by all the main and minor players was masterfully done. And the final overhead shot of William's poor broken body ... *sob*

My favourite dialogue in the episode was this exchange, when Trixie was talking to 'Fucken Ellsworth' about his proposal of marriage to Alma:

Trixie: You're a worthy enough fucken candidate, given all her fucken givens.

Ellsworth: Warm endorsement.

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William's accident was shocking and heartbreaking.  It's true that he brought out the best in characters like Nuttall and Steve.  Everyone was having fun that day with the bicycle.


I wonder if that happened IRL, that the Bullocks's son was killed by a horse.

 Speaking of adults and children, I love how much Ellsworth loves Sophia.  I think his proposing to Alma was as much to make Sophia his daughter as it was to make Alma his wife.  Such a sweet man.

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Heartbroken or the boy. 

I'm surprised that Charlie allowed Jane to leave with Buffalo Bill's coat. 

I am annoyed by Mrs Bullock's bun. It doesn't match her hair color and is distracting. 

I thought that it was sweet that William planted the sunflower seeds that he brought because maybe his new father would like them as much as his late father. 

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