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If Mr. Robot Needed An Office Alum, It Should Have Been Mindy Kaling -- And Here's Why

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Completely off-topic, but I should really know better than to click on the Promoted Story that says Amy Grant doesn't believe in God anymore, because I just clicked through 23 celebrity atheists and she WASN'T EVEN LISTED. Bogus click-bait.

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I have to admit, Mindy's idea of her doing the Mr Robot VO while Rami does TMP VO is genius. I also think Elliot and Darlene should visit TMP. Can you imagine Darlene going to Mindy for an egg freezing? Or Elliot encountering Mindy in the hall or lobby of their shared apartment building? I have hated what TMP has become, but thinking about this has made me want to watch again.

And also, I never thought of Ryan or Elliot looking alike, but now I do and I also think they both look like frogs, which had never occurred to me before. Except Ryan is way more twitchy.

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