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  1. Yesssss. This is the distillation of all my tv interests--true crime, B listers, cults, self-help! Can't wait.
  2. This is 100% accurate but unfortunately now when I look at Elliot all I see is friggin Ryan.
  3. iamoranjello

    Vote For The Best Law & Order Fantasy Draft Team!

    I voted Joe because of Jack McCoy and my fave criminal, Ellen Pompeo. She's so scary!
  4. I was hoping Lord Grantham would do a New Yawk accent. Tom sounded like Keanu??
  5. iamoranjello

    EHG 53: Downton For The Count

    Tracee Ellis Ross in the game time....wasn't girlfriends set in LA? And she has 4 kids not 3 on black-ish.
  6. I am not a crackpot! Katherine Heigl would have been an awesome Quinn. Also this show is insane and Katie lowes sipped on that koolaid
  7. iamoranjello

    S06.E05: Shiny Objects

    Hah. Everyone hated Elsperh's inner life. I actually liked it. I thought it was silly but showed her genius with the busted cell phones. Also her bedroom is insane , could it be her childhood bedroom? Does she live with her parents? The Alicia and Mr. Big fight was good. I want them to reach their Bill and Hillary plateau by the time the series ends. Love them both so much, devious and nuts as they both are.