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S03.E19: Allegiance

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If Emily doesn't start getting some wins like in at most, two weeks, I'm outa here.

You go, Nolan!

I see there is no thread for tonight's show on TWOP.  So even though the forums are still open over there, they aren't being maintained.

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Hi, all!  No the OUAT forum is still active at TWOP tonite, so people are just over Emily I suppose.  Loved the Nolan in black turtleneck threat mode!!  Aiden just looks dirty and shifty to me now, don't know how Jack dealt with Margo's self centeredness all this time - "did you have the time of your life?" My gosh, that was beyond insensitive.  But...dang, I sure hope he and Emily are not end game.  Cannot stand Pascal, love Conrad - the eyes are blue ice!! He's such a laid back worst villian of all, I find myself admiring his sangfroid almost all the time.

The best part of the whole show was the red vs. black marker. Finally!! Victoria wakes up.  Sure hope someone manages to bring it!

And got to say, I hate Charlotte.  Worse than Aiden.  She's much more of a Grayson than I ever thought she'd be - come full circle.

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