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S01.E06: Plague

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Bullock encounters native resistance in his quest to bring a murderer to justice. Swearengen presses a resentful Farnum to keep tabs on Alma and Trixie; the camp fathers pool their resources to dispatch riders after precious vaccine and build a sick tent; Cochran enlists Jane as a nurse; and Swearengen collaborates on an article appearing in the Deadwood Pioneer.

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Watching Merrick working on the paper with everyone 'hovering' and 'collaborating' was hysterical. I loved how serious Al was about his role in helping with the article!

I also love watching Doc and Jane working together. Great chemistry there.

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My other motto:

"Don't play that shit where you make me drag the words outa ya.  Declare or shut the fuck up."

Powers Boothe is fantastic.  Cy?  He is worse than Al in so many ways.

Also?  "That's what you call a mistake of youth."  hee. 

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The Native American's attack on Bullock was terrifying, and the way it was filmed made it even more disorienting. That was one brutal fight.

Ellsworth continues to be the most charming cocksucker in camp. Joanie: 'Will ya keep a girl company?' Ellsworth: 'I will - but I'm expensive.'

That was a nice, if brief, conversation between Trixie and Sol in the street.

I find the contrast between the relative evilness of Cy and Al fascinating. Cy is your classic moustache-twirling villain, while Al is much deeper and more layered in his badness. I'm not sure which of them is more scary.

Al is certainly a man of many talents: he was impressive in the meeting, quickly and efficiently organising the 'pest tent' and getting the vaccine, and asking Merrick to organise a newspaper announcement in order to defuse any public panic. Plus he knew what to do when the Reverend had his seizure, and he was (relatively) kind to the scared whore: 'Stick to hand jobs for a day or two if you like.' I also liked his 'Hey Reverend - you coulda just said amen' and (to the doc after he has treated the Rev) 'Prescribe this malingerer a can of peaches and show him the fucken door. [wink]' And also: 'I'd rather try touchin' the moon than take on a whore's thinkin'.' The man's a wordsmith!

Apart from Al, Jane provided most of my favourite moments in this episode. She's just so hilariously belligerent. I loved this, when she visited the doc's place: 'It's Jane Cannary callin' for Doc fucken Cochran! ... Fucken in there? ... I believe that I'll fucken wait.'

And the classic exchange with EB outside his hotel, which is one of my favourite bits of dialogue of the entire series.

Jane (belligerently): I'm back.

EB (officiously): Your room has been re-rented.

Jane: Fuck you and fuck the rooms you rent! I'm callin' on the widow and the little one in her care. And if I was you or any cocksucker with you, I wouldn't try to stop me.

EB: Be brief.


EB (after she's gone inside): Her's gutter mouth and the widow in an opium stupor. A conversation for the ages.

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Great details to pick out from the episode- thanks for the quote. I agree; it's terrific, and manages to stand out in the middle of generally terrific dialogue. LOL "BE FUCKED!" is a line to add to the treasure trove of Janeisms the show has produced just 6 episodes in..

I remember thinking how cool it was that we had to wait till the 6th episode to get our first longish episode set in nature- and among those glorious mountains. The show steers away from visual porn for its own sake. By the time we get this scene, we have had plenty of historical references to what was being done to Native Americans and to Indian territory in these horrific colonial adventures. So I looked at those trees & instinctively thought of the horrors of history rather than my usual touristy thoughts.

Yes, it was a brutal fight. Horrifying how many times Seth's smashed his face in. And I loved it that Charlie came along to read the signs and symbols that would be quite lost on Seth otherwise. And I also loved it that Seth mulled over the Indian guy's motives and the horror he must have gone through at the thought of his eyeless headless brother no longer being able to look out on eternity. It was great to get an explanation for the scalp after we'd already seen it being bartered and brutalized for entertainment. Just a great sequence.

Ellsworth cleaned up nice. I like how polite he is to Joanie here.  How many others would address her as "ma'am"?

I'm just resenting any time given to Cy- I think he's there only to make Al more appealing by contrast. Just seems lie a transparent and manipulative strategy for this show. The actor is great but the role is really irritating to me.

Al asks if the widow gets high. Loved Trixie's response: "I've never seen a rich person high before." Rich people are another species- unfathomable.

I did have a little more respect for Alma for sticking it out through a tough withdrawal.

Seth's poor horse.

Oh goodness: I forgot Charlie didn't know Bill was dead. Props to Seth that it is the first thing he says upon gaining consciousness from that fight. Focus and concern for others as opposed to self-interest. That's why I never can dislike him.

And then he goes back to do the death rites for the man he killed thereby earning my respect all over again. I just can't hate on Seth- and I miss him when he's not there. Though I do need to vent about him from time to time.

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8 minutes ago, nyxy said:

I'm just resenting any time given to Cy- I think he's there only to make Al more appealing by contrast. Just seems lie a transparent and manipulative strategy for this show. The actor is great but the role is really irritating to me.

I agree with this.  I remember thinking, "Oh I get it.  Cy's the pure evil one, the real bad guy.".

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