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The Last of Us

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I finally got around to playing this game (the remastered version), and holy crap! It's haunting, powerful, poignant, funny, terrifying, bleak, hopeful. Just... everything a game should be in terms of building a compelling world and a captivating narrative.

Great animation on the characters, and wonderful voice work, really bringing Joel, Ellie and everyone else to life.

This is a game that was hyped so heavily on release, and has then only grown in stature in the time since then, fitting into all-time top ten lists all over the place. And I wasn't disappointed, at all.

Yes, the dynamic camera movements gave me motion sickness, but it was completely worth it!

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One of my favorite games ever, especially with the Left Behind DLC included. I played the original once and the remaster once, and I'm itching to play it through again, but my PS4 is currently across an ocean; maybe at Christmas.

The Uncharted series scratches some of the same itches, especially 4 which was directed and rewritten by the Last of Us people, but the tonal shift is enough that it just doesn't quite get there for me.

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So, there was a five-minute preview clip of LOUII at a recent Sony event, and there was a lot of handwringing about the violent imagery.  Ordinarily, I would just roll my eyes, because I always find those comments as being overreacting, but...

I kind of see the point this time.  I don't know if the cutscene is in-engine or pre-rendered, but in all honesty, that's the closest I think i've seen a game come to climbing out of the Uncanny Valley, and it makes it a little more disturbing.  Like, I could see backlash resulting in the game being rated AO.

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I'm completely ignoring any reference to leaks about this game. I don't need to have it spoiled, and especially not when it seems like the motivations for a lot of those looking to spread the information are so toxic.

It seems a lot of the places making a big deal of the leaks are the same places that were outraged over a woman being the lead in the game, and who were then disgusted by female characters with physiques they considered "too masculine." Fuck those people.

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