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Antonio Dawson: Black & White Cop in a Gray Unit

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Having started with Chicago Fire from the pilot, I initially met Antonio Dawson as paramedic Gabby Dawson's adored older brother. Through the lens of that shows, viewers saw Antonio as a good cop, handy in many a situation whenever the firefighters found themselves in trouble -- the guy threatening Molly's, and even Voight threatening Casey.

Not much else was known about Antonio until his character was more fully expanded with the start of Chicago PD. We quickly learned that Antonio is a loving husband and father, and his easygoing nature has built him a wide network of friends -- Jay Halstead among them, as it was established in the show's start that it was Antonio's recommendation that led to Voight selecting Halstead for his unit. Even Antonio's CIs seem to be friendly with him, as demonstrated by Jasmine.

Now, however, we've already seen a few scenarios where Antonio's good cop nature is already being tested and challenged. Do you think that Antonio will be able to remain a good cop the longer he stays with Voight? Will his marriage to Laura also remain strong?




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While I know that Antonio's shooting last night was The Big Cliffhanger, IMO it's something of a let-down...after all, he's one of the major characters and I haven't heard anything about the actor leaving! So of course he'll be ok...

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He'll definitely be ok but it's the unit's reaction to his shooting that will interest me most. We've seen most of them go pretty far across the line from time to time so what lengths will they go to this time to make sure Pulpo is gone? What will be the consequences of that?

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Don't forget, Antonio was shot last year; however it was on Chicago Fire, so we just saw his sister Gabby's reaction, not his colleagues or his wife/kids (because, presumably, TPTB hadn't invented a backstory for him yet, lol).

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Let me just say, I am disgusted by the way the writers are treating Antonio this season. They give him nothing to do, he is hated, people are treating him like he is the new Gabby, he is treated like he is a bad boyfriend and now a bad leader just to prop Voight and Ruzek on some pedestal. I am sad and pissed that my favorite character is hated. 

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